Proxy Car Build Rules

2018 DT Proxy Car Build Rules (updated 4/11/2018)


  1. Body must represent a pre-70s car. Must be plastic or resin. No diecast.
  2. Body must completely cover chassis when viewed from above.
  3. Body/windows must cover chassis/gear plate. No protruding gear plates.
  4. Body must attach with two screws of any kind at stock locations.
  5. Must use stock replacement plastic front guide pin that will fit original model motoring track.
  6. Must have front and back glass.


  1. Chassis must be stock originally made by Aurora with either copper or silver electricals.
  2. Stock replacement electrical parts allowed, copper or silver. No soldering or other mods.
  3. Any pick-up shoe allowed that resembles stock shape (original length, step down, rail contact pad, etc.)
  4. No Wide, long, and/or ‘ski-shoes’ allowed.
  5. Gear plate rails may be cut or sanded to lower the body.
  6. All original gears. 9t pinion only.
  7. Motor must be any original Aurora 2 lam armature including drag, mean green, tuff ones, Christmas tree, etc.
  8. Only original Aurora Ceramic Magnets or Dash Magnets.
  9. No weights


  1. Any original Aurora t jet axle may be used including stock, truck or tuff ones.
  2. Any plastic/resin wheels may be used.
  3. No brass/metal front ends.
  4. Tires slip on only. No glue.
  5. No O rings


  1. Max weight 24 grams of car
  2. Max width 1 5/16” whole car
  3. Max height 1 5/16” of car
  4. Max length 3” of car