The Proxy Race

1jagcobThe Dragon’s Tail Road Rally Proxy

Members of the Thunderjet Racing Association of Central Kentucky (T.R.A.C.K.) will once again host a “mail in” or proxy race this summer of 2018.

The theme of the race is a classic road rally cascading through the Smoky Mountains.

There will be awards  for 1st, 2nd, 3rd places and The Silver Bullet Award for fastest lap as well as Concours d’Elegance awards and participation prizes.

How the proxy race works…

Racers from all over the world are invited to build a car following the rules and then mail the car to the track by the deadline, June 30  2018.

Each car will be raced by the same person and stats will be taken, i.e. fasted lap, # of laps in the allotted time, etc.

Images and commentary will follow the development of the race and will be posted on the event’s website, facebook page and other slot car bulletin boards.

Once the winners are selected and announced, the cars will be mail back to their owners along with prizes and awards.