DT Proxy 2018 Ch 10 Snake Fight

(Tommy)  Are You Ready to Rumble!?!  Greetings Race Fans!  It’s time to get this race rolling.

(Smokey)  That’s right, Tommy.  After some startling fast qualifying times,  many are wondering how this year’s Dragon Tail Road Rally will shake out.

(Tommy) What’s the word on the street?

(Smokey) The fans are being really quiet about their pick for a winner.  I think they were truly stunned by how close the qualifying times were.

grid(Aurora)  Gentlemen,  It looks like the grid is in place and we are ready to go.

(Tommy) Race officials will be sending drivers out according to their pole positions.  First on the line and out of the gate is “Live Wire” aka “Ollie the Dragon” for Grand Sport Racing!

(Smokey) With a belch of flame as he shifts, Earl Essex takes the Shelby Cobra out of the first turn and up the hill.

(Tommy) Spud Boy for Nonesuch Racing is quick to follow in the yellow Ferrari.  Since the times were so close,  we expect plenty of cars battling door to door…

(Aurora) Bubba’s on his way for Team Purple in the sparkling Camaro.

(Smokey) Jake the Snake blasts off the line for Rocket City Racing in the Blue with white stripe Cobra 424.

(Tommy) The Cornhusker’s Mako Shark and Tom Bowman’s  Scud Missile are off!

(Smokey) Team Powell’s light blue Ford GT glides away followed closely by Clutch McCoy in the Texas Pete Ghia for Piston Slap Racing.

(Tommy) The red Ford for Strummer Racing leaps off of the line and next the blue Mustang for J.L.M. Racing.

(Smokey) The Junkabilly Racing Corvair and Normal Racing’s Toyota, are out in quick secession.  Pappy and the Kid Racing Team A and B take off practically side by side.   Then the Orange GTO for Next Century Tech and last but certainly not least is “Flower Punch” the VW Beetle for Outlaw Hippie Racing.

(Tommy) All the cars are out on the course for the third DT Road Rally!  Aurora, how’s it looking out there?

(Aurora) Tommy,  Smokey… You weren’t kidding about there be plenty of door to door racing.  These cars were sent out so quickly that they are really bunched up in a coil.  Who’s going to strike first?

(Tommy) What’s going on near the front of the herd?

nonsuchcurve(Aurora) Well it seems that despite what Spud Boy was told;  to drive the car like he stole it…  He is still a little hesitant to open up that yellow Ferrari.  He is very cautious in the turns,  and looks like he might be dropping back.

(Tommy) How is the Grand Sport Cobra holding up?

cobra fight(Aurora) So far so good, but Rocket City has managed to get around Spud Boy and Bubba.  We have a real Snake fight going on… Cobra against Cobra.

(Tommy) Rocket City was not too happy about the performance of their Cobra in the last DTRR so team owner Dave Parker sent it back to the lab for some retunage.

(Smokey)  Well he must be pleased with its performance so far today.  I thought that Dave Parker was feeling confident when I saw the oversized shipping container he sent alongside his entries. He must be expecting some treasure this year!

(Aurora) Wow! The Piston Slap Ghia and the Strummer Racing Ford MklV squeezed past Powell Racing, the Scuderia Ferrari, Cornhusker Shark and Team Purple!  These cars are so clustered up, it’s anybody’s race!


(Tommy) How are the rookies performing?

(Aurora) The new drivers are finding the Dragon a bit of a challenge.  Their narrow car set ups seem to be a disadvantage in the turns.  Junkabilly Racing’s Corvair manages to get around J.L.M.’s Mustang.  Interesting seeing these two very different machines side by side.


Pappy and the Kid Team A and B seem to be working in tandem and move up.

Bud Henry at the wheel for Next Century Tech.  has a fight all of his own as he tries to keep the GTO on course but ends up putting some space between him and the tail end of the pack.

pappykidThe “Punch Power” Beetle for Outlaw Hippie Racing manages to gain some ground despite Lance Ross III swerving all over the road.

(Tommy) Thanks Aurora.  Before we take a commercial break, Let’s look at the board for this leg of the race.

2018 Dragon’s Tail Road Rally

Standings after Heat 1 of 5 

Driver/Car Team/Owner Heat 1



This Heat

Position at

Start of Race

1 Earl Essex

1965 Shelby Cobra  white w/blk

Grand Sport Racing

owner Greg Carpenter

15 1
2 Jake Snake

1966 Cobra 427  Blue w/ white

Rocket City Racing

owner Dave Parker

15 +2 4
3 Clutch McCoy

1964 Karmann Ghia white w/ yellow

Piston Slap Racing

owner Tom Hobgood

15 +5 8
4 Jeremy Clarkson

Ford MklV  red w/white

Strummer Racing

owner Harlan Welch-Scarboro

15 +5 9
5 Bubba

1969 Chevy Camaro Purple

Team Purple

owner William Milholen

14 -2 3
6 Skabby

1965 Chevy proto Mako Shark

Cornhusker Racing

owner Mark Boesen

14 -1 5
7 Roberto Asconi

Maroon ’64 Ferrari 330 P4 red

Scuderia Ferrari

owner Tom Bowman

14 -1 6
8 Will Speed

1966 Ford GT light blue w/orange

Team Powell

owner Bill Powell

14 -1 7
9 Carl Scarborough, Jr

1963 Corvair  beige w/ blue

Junkabilly Racing

owner Scott Scarboro

14 +2 11
10 Spud Boy

1962 Ferrari GTO 250 yellow w/orange

Nonesuch Racing

owner Dan Cocke

13 -8 2
11 Noah Vale

1950 Oldsmobile

White/green w/ flames

Pappy and the Kid Racing  Team A owner Jeff King 13 +2 13
12 Otto Glide

1953 Mercedes 300s

Gray w/ white stripe

Pappy and the Kid Racing  Team B owner Eric Shuck 13 +2 14
13 Bud Henry

1969 GTO


Next Century Technologies

owner  Joel Hardin

13 +2 15
14 Lance Ross III

1964 VW Beetle

Yellow w/ flowers

Outlaw Hippie Racing

owner Sal Matthews

13 +2 16
15 Palliden Spencer

1966 Ford Mustang GT 347 blue w/ white

J.L.M. Racing

owner  Yobear Jones

12 -5 10
16 Harry Gumala

1966 Toyota 2000 GT  maroon w/ blk

Normal Racing

owner Brian Bueschel

12 -4 12