DT Proxy 2018    Ch 11 Hot Times!

(Smokey)  The afternoon sun is starting to heat up the day and the action is starting to heat up on the track!

(Tommy) Earl Essex in the Grand Sport  Racing Cobra puts it in gear, belches out more flame and manages to shake off the Rocket City Cobra for the time being, but something tells me Earl hasn’t seen the last of Jake the Snake.

(Aurora) Earl’s got other things to worry about.  I think he might be hearing some pistons slapping behind him as Clutch McCoy is on the move in the Texas Pete Ghia!  I’m sure Earl is feeling the heat!

(Tommy) Jake is feeling a hassle of his own from the Strummer Racing red Ford Mk lV.  Fans are calling it the “Red Fish” because of the way it whips around the curves.

Rocket and Fish

(Aurora) And Bam, just like that! Out of nowhere, Will Speed for Team Powell in another strong running Ford finds a hole and surges past Skabby in the Mako, Asconi in the Ferrari and Bubba in the purple Camaro!

powellhole(Smokey) The Junkabilly Racing Corvair seems to be slowing a little.  I wonder if the heat is having an effect on that air cooled engine.

(Aurora) Spud Boy is starting to come alive as he gains more confidence in the fine tuned Ferrari for Nonesuch Racing!

spud alive(Tommy) Noah Vale and Otto Glide of Pappy and the Kid Racing continue to work together and box out Bud Henry in the GTO.

pappykidbox(Aurora) There seems to be some trouble with the Outlaw Hippie Racing Beetle…  Is that smoke coming out of the cockpit?

hippiesmoke(Smokey) Sure enough.  Someone lit a fire under Lance Ross III in that first part of the race, but now there might be literally a fire inside the VW.

(Tommy) Palliden Spencer in the J.L.M. Mustang and Harry Gumala in the Normal Racing Toyota try to get by as race officials wave the yellow flag.

We’ll take a short break while this gets sorted out.  In the mean time, here’s how this leg of the race shook out.

2018 Dragon’s Tail Road Rally

Standings after Heat 2 of 5 

Driver/Car Team/Owner Heat 1


Heat 2


Total Movement

This Heat

Position at

Start of Race

1 Earl Essex

1965 Shelby Cobra  white w/blk

Grand Sport Racing

owner Greg Carpenter

15 15 30 1
2 Clutch McCoy

1964 Karmann Ghia white w/ yellow

Piston Slap Racing

owner Tom Hobgood

15 15 30 +1 8
3 Jake Snake

1966 Cobra 427  Blue w/ white

Rocket City Racing

owner Dave Parker

15 14 29 -1 4
4 Jeremy Clarkson

Ford MklV  red w/white

Strummer Racing

owner Harlan Welch-Scarboro

15 14 29 9
5 Will Speed

1966 Ford GT light blue w/orange

Team Powell

owner Bill Powell

14 15 29 +3 7
6 Bubba

1969 Chevy Camaro Purple

Team Purple

owner William Milholen

14 14 28 -1 3
7 Roberto Asconi

Maroon ’64 Ferrari 330 P4 red

Scuderia Ferrari

owner Tom Bowman

14 14 28 -1 6
8 Skabby

1965 Chevy proto Mako Shark

Cornhusker Racing

owner Mark Boesen

14 13 27 -1 5
9 Carl Scarborough, Jr

1963 Corvair  beige w/ blue

Junkabilly Racing

owner Scott Scarboro

14 13 27 11
10 Spud Boy

1962 Ferrari GTO 250 yellow w/orange

Nonesuch Racing

owner Dan Cocke

13 14 27 2
11 Noah Vale

1950 Oldsmobile

White/green w/ flames

Pappy and the Kid Racing  Team A owner Jeff King 13 14 27 13
12 Otto Glide

1953 Mercedes 300s

Gray w/ white stripe

Pappy and the Kid Racing  Team B owner Eric Shuck 13 14 27 14
13 Bud Henry

1969 GTO


Next Century Technologies

owner  Joel Hardin

13 13 26 15
14 Lance Ross III

1964 VW Beetle

Yellow w/ flowers

Outlaw Hippy Racing

owner Sal Matthews

13 12 25 16
15 Palliden Spencer

1966 Ford Mustang GT 347 blue w/ white

J.L.M. Racing

owner  Yobear Jones

12 13 25 10
16 Harry Gumala

1966 Toyota 2000 GT  maroon w/ blk

Normal Racing

owner Brian Bueschel

12 12 24 12