Air-Cooled Club gets a surprise!

mracing1The local chapter of the V-dub Air Cooled Club held a gathering at the Burger Joint this weekend and boy were they in for a surprise!  While they were inside placing their orders, a caravan of trucks pulled into the parking lot.

How appropriate, since the cargo they were carrying was a shipment of the newly developed Ghia body from Mongrel Racing!  mracing2 We counted over half a dozen of the resin shells arriving by truck.  More prizes from one of the sponsors of the Dragon’s Tail Road Rally proxy!

Tmracing3he body was approved by varies other established racing committees, so we figured we would welcome it too.  Racers will need every advantage to perform competitively on the twisting road course.  I wonder if any Mongrel Racing ghias will make an appearance at the DTRR proxy?!?