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The Dragon’s Tail Road Rally concludes chapter 22

The Dragon’s Tail Road Rally Proxy 2015 finishing order

Racing Team Owner Car Laps Sec
1 Team Purple William Milholen 1969 Camaro 78 2
2 Team Jaguar Dan Cocke 1961 J.XKE 75 12
3 Junkabilly Racing Scott Scarboro 1966 VW Karmann Ghia 72 21
4 Grand Sport Racing Greg Carpenter 1965 Shelby Cobra 71 2
5 South Shore Racing Paul Ryer 1965 VW Karmann Ghia 69 4
6 Tigers 10-3 Rick Vanelli 1968 Ford Torino 69 1
7 King Racing Jeff King BRP-Aston Martin DBS 67 13
8 Austin Don Pearson 1965 Mustang 66 15
9 Glimmer Twins Racing Al Perschilli Ferrari 65 12
10 Team Powell Bill Powell 1967 Ford GT MK IV 64 14
11 Mongrel Racing Rob Rose 1969 VW Karmann Ghia 64 13
12 Owens Racing Ent. Jon Owens 1968 AMC AMX 64 11
13 Owl Racing Destany Lewis Triumph TR 3 64 3
14 Red Bull Racing Alan Van Doren 1959 Austin Mini 62 27
15 Team Total Domination Dave Headrich 1958 Chevy Corvette Convert. 61 10
16 Team A&W Root Beer Harlan Scarboro 1969 Cintroen DS 21 58 2

allcRSOVER(Tommy) What an exciting event we have had. The Dragon’s Tail is sure to be one of the premier events in coming years. Here is track owner Scott Scarboro with a few words for the fans.

(Scott) Thank You Tommy and Much Thanks to Aurora for being our eye in the sky and to Smokey down amongst the action. All of you did a wonderful job covering this event. Racers you did a great job bringing the battle. Thanks for participating in this new race. I’d like to Thank Speedy Van Doren for all of the help behind the scenes to assist in pulling this event off. To our Marshalls Harlan Scarboro and Charley Karnes. Charley also helped out pre race working on the timing system. And to all of the Fantastic sponsors who jumped in right at the beginning to show their support of this unknown event. And a Big Thanks to the fans for tuning in. Since this event was announced, we’ve had many visitors from all over the world watching the action. In January alone our website had over 600 visitors from 25 different countries following the race! It’s been a fantastic Road Rally! And we are truly Thankful for all of the support. The townspeople and I will be sadden to see the transporters loading up and pulling out these next couple of days.

(Tommy) On behalf of everyone here we would like to thank the sponsors for their support. The fans, teams, and sponsors have made this event what is, Spectacular. The 1st Inaugural Dragon’s Tail Rally has wrapped up. See you next year. Remember to support our sponsors.

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Congratulations to Team … chapter 21

(Tommy) Here is the review of Stage 4. Aurora will update us with the latest on track.

results4of5checksbubba(Aurora) Bubba is making his way in now. He has run a flawless run today. He is sure to be taking the top position today for owner William Milholen.

“Jag Boy” made a final rush for the front position, but could not gain any ground. He ran a wonderful last stage.

Bart Essex of Grand Sport Racing was making up some good ground on torinoghia in3inCarl Scarborough, but Carl managed to hold him off for a podium finish.

Max Creek made a hard charge at the finish and made a good clean pass on the inside of Whitey Johnson for a top five finish. kingtanginSorry Whitey.

Jo King of King Racing and The Gray Ghost of Team Austin are making their way in. They will be finishing 7th and 8th respectively. They made a good run from their qualifying position of 12th and 13th.

Glimmer Teams Racing made a smooth pass past Destany down the hill when the Triumph lost a cylinder. However, Team Powell, Mongrel downhillminiflagRacing, and Owens Racing Ent nearly collected into her coming down the hill. All cars were unscathed, but it was an extremely close race to the finish for those teams.

vettein citinDavid Coulthard struggled with oil pressure problems at the finish.

Pete Passer never recovered from his tire issue. Great tire change for “Pitsstop”.

Andre’ LefeBreve brings in the Citroen with wheel bearing issues. Glad to see the Citroen make it to the finish.

(Tommy) Here are the results of stage 5. Official Race results will be posted by the Marshalls shortly. This has been a very interesting race for the fans. Lots of good racing through the whole field today. Congratulations to Team Purple of William Milholen for his hard fought win.


Everyone has found their Groove Chapter 20

(Tommy) Here is the review of Stage 3. Aurora will update us with the latest on track.

heat3of5results(Aujagblububbarora) Everyone has finally settled into their groove on the track.

Team Purple is still dominating the course. I think cobraall teams will be investigating the new front end of that Camaro after the event.

Team Jaguar and Junkabilly Racing are still hard at it. Carl Scarborough really wants that 2nd position back. Grand Sport Racing is starting to lose some ground.

Lots of close racing through the pack.

Tigers 10-3 and South Shore racing are hard at it.

Thghostastone Gray Ghost still holding strong after torinoghiahis big gains in the last stage. He  is still hot on Jo King’s tail of King Racing.

Destany Lewis seems to have her car back under control, and is holding off the Ferrari of Glimmer Twins fertriRacing.tanfordghia

Henry Ford is holding off the Stig for the time being. Stig is really working those corners. He just can’t manage to get the Ghia over the hills well.miniamxpitstop

Sammy stoplight is still struggling with the AMX after the near miss with the tree. He is trying to keep David Coulthard of Red Bull racing at bay.

Pitstop Pete is running at a good steady pace, but not making any ground on the rest of the field.

A&W racing continues to struggle with wheel bearing problems. Hopefully they can make it to the end.

(Tommy) Doesn’t look like there is any change in position, but there is lots of close racing out there. Here are the results of stage 4.


Mid-pack Fun chapter 19

(Tommy) Here is the review of Stage 2. Aurora will update us with the latest on track.

heat2of5resultspurpledown(Aurora) Bubba is setting a steady pace. The ’69 Camaro appears to be slowly pulling away from the other leaders, practically hurling himself down the sloops. Wow was he actually air born on that one?!

The top five have settled down and have a good distance between them.

There is however a lot of activity mid pack. Henry Ford may have damaged his car in the 1topslast tanpowellstage. He is really struggling over those hills. He is falling back fast. Is that oil trailing from his car?

Destany Lewis struggles with a loose wheel. She is easily passed by Max Creek and J3passtireamxslowso King. Looks like the Glimmer Twins Ferrari is poised to pass as well.

The big mover is The Gray Ghost of Team Austin. He really has a rhythm going through the corners. He has moved up 5 positions.mongrel hillsmustang on curves

Sammy Stoplight must have damaged his AMX when he went into the trees in stage 2. He is still falling back. What a shame after such a good qualifying run.minipassescintreon

The “Stig” is giving it all it’s got in the corners, but the low riding Ghia is struggling on the hilly parts of the course.

David Coulthard of Red Bull Racing makes a good move on Pete Passer.

Andre’ Lefebrve still fighting wheel bearing problems follows up in last.

(Tommy) Here are the results of stage 3.


Movers and Passers chapter 18

(Tommy) Here is the review of Stage 1. Aurora will update us with the latest on track.

results heat1

1leaders(Aurora) Bubba is still maintaining the lead for Team Purple.  “Jag Boy” and Carl Scarborough are still dueling for position. “Jag Boy” was able to make it back past the Karmann Ghia of Junkabilly Racing down the straight. Bart Essex is hot on their tail.

Henry Ford of Team Powell spun out after one of the hills. This allowed Whitey Johnson and Destany Lewis to stream 2fordoutpast. Max Creek is now on Henry’s bumper.

Hey what happened to the Owens Racing AMX? It is being pulled out of the trees now. Everything seems to be OK with the AMX, but he will lose several positions. The Aston Martin (King Racing) and Ferrari 250 SWB (Glimmer Twins Racing) make it safely past the track crew. The Stig has to take the long way around the AMX and loses a amxgoes3amxtreesposition.

The Gray Ghost comes down the hill as the AMX gets underway.

Pete “Pit Stop” Passer is changing a tire. This is not the type of pit stop he needed.4vetteflat5minipass

David Coulthard had been trailing the pack until Andre’ Lefebrve started slowing down. His Citroen is reported to have rear wheel bearing issues. I don’t believe this is going to get any better for Andre’.

(Tommy) With an uneventful start, things are really heating up. Team Purple still putting on a good show for his owner William Milholen, but he has some experienced racers of the Dragon’s Tail dueling it out behind him. I think he is taking advantage of that situation. Mid-pack it is very hard to follow the movers and passers, but here are the results as they go through stage 2.

results heat2

And They’re off !!!! chapter 17

1marshalls(Tommy) Marshalls are ready. Racers are ready. Bubba in the ’69 Camaro for Team Purple is off. Team owner William Milholen must be watching with great enthusiasm.

1bubbagone(Aurora) The purple Camaro flies into the first corner with extreme speed. Bubba is not holding back.

(Tommy) He knows he has some great competition behind him. “Jag Boy” is leaving the grid now.

(Aurora) The Jaguar also makes an excellent start. Owner Dan Cocke is viewing from the first hill.

(Tommy) Next out is Grand Sport Racing’s Bart Essex.

1jagcobra1jaghill(Aurora) He is hot on the tail of the Jaguar. That #91 is doing very well for owner Greg Carpenter.

(Tommy)We have Carl Scarborough leaving the grid for Junkabilly Racing.

1bluonmove(Aurora) He makes a blistering start. He looks like he will have a lot of grip today.

(Tommy) Team Powell is up next.

(Aurora) Another excellent start. All top five cars show they have a well-deserved position.

(Aurora) Whoa!!! The ’65 Cobra of Grand Sport racing was trying to make a move on “Jag Boy” when unexpectedly he gets cut off by Carl 1torinooffScarborough. What a move! Bart Essex seems to have lost some speed.

(Tommy) That is some good racing. Carl has found some speed somewhere.

(Tommy) We have a lot of smooth starts. Tigers 10-3, Owl Racing, Owens Racing all making good starts. South Shore Racing making another………….

astongrup(Aurora) Carl Scarborough is on the move. “Jag Boy” is really struggling to keep him off his bumper. Team Jaguar is really at pace, but Junkabilly Racing must have found a spark of fire for that Karmann Ghia.

(Tommy) Great to hear Aurora. Cars are leaving smoothly here. More teams out. Total Domination, Mongrel Racing, and King Racing are all on stage. Team Austin………

1blucut1blucut2(Aurora) This is the Carl show today Tommy. Carl makes the Scandanavian Flick through the last corner through hills. “Jag Boy” is caught by surprise. Carl is now trying to run Bubba down.

1minigrup(Tommy) Smooth running on the rest of the course. I think everyone is just feeling out this first stage. Glimmer Teams Racing, A&W Root Beer, and Red Bull Racing all out on course.

(Aurora) Yes everything appears smooth from up here. Carl was really giving the fans a show. Everyone is approaching the end of the first stage.

(Tommy) All cars are in. Here are the first stage results. No big movers except Carl Scarborough for Team Junkabilly Racing.

results heat1

(Tommy) Drivers are going through stage 2. Aurora do you have anything………………..

Concourse and Let’s Get Ready to Rumble! chapter 16

Welcome back!  Tommy T-Jet here once again after a spectacular day of qualifying runs yesterday. We have 16 cars, 16 Teams ready for today’s event. The weather was erratic, so times may be a little skewed for the race, but now the snow has melted and the track is clear.

Here are the final qualifying results from yesterday.

results qualifyingEach team is only allowed one entry to move forward to the race. These are the cars that will be going out for the rally.

order cars will goWe have a little bit of time while the teams prepare their cars, so let’s look at the results from another part of this competition, the Concours d’Elegance.

Every car submitted to the Dragon’s Tail Proxy was considered as an entry for the concourse. A panel of judges viewed the entries and selected their choices for best looking and unique car.  In addition to the panel of judges the spectators were asked to vote for their favorite automobile.

judges choicesThe Judges choices
1st place 1962 Buick Wildcat Sport Coupe
Team Total Domination (owner Dave Headrich)

2nd place 1955 Chevy
Glimmer Twins Racing (owner Al Perschilli)

3rd place 1962 J. XKE 1 1/2
Team Jaguar (owner Dan Cocke)

peoples choicesThe People’s Choice Awards
1st place 1968 Ford Torino
Team Tigers 10-3 (owner Rick Vanelli)

2nd place 1961 J. XKE
Team Jaguar (owner Dan Cocke)

3rd place 1965 Shelby Cobra
Grand Sport Racing (owner Greg Carpenter)

Congratulations to all of our Concourse winners! It’s best that we took care of that part of the competition prior to the road rally because some of these beauties might not be much to look at when this day is done.

Cars will be going out in 15 sec intervals, so many will be fighting for position on the course. Cars are staging now. The Dragon’s Tail Begins……………

Glory!!! chapter 15

1citroen(Tommy) Everyone is in. This was one close qualifying run.

(Smokey) Andre Lefbreve was really struggling with his car. He had rear wheel bearing issues. Here are the times of the final drivers.

Team Total Domination (Owner – Dave Headrich)

Pete “Pitstop” Passer     ’58 VW Chevy Corvette               8.73

Joe “T-jet” Giammarino ’62 Buick Wildcat Sport Coupe 9.28

Team A&W Root Beer (Owner – Harlan Scarboro)

Sudsy Malone          ‘39 Divco Twin Model U                 10.26

Andre’ Lefbreve         ’69 Citroen DS 21                          9.26

Junkabilly Racing   (Owner – Scott Scarboro)

Crafty Dick Kraft     ’58 VW Type 2 Dropside Pickup           8.58

Carl Scarborough Jr. ’66 VW Karmann Ghia                       7.83


(Smokey) Hopefully Andre will be able to get his car repaired in time for the race. The Karmann Ghia of Junkabilly racing was really on the pace. Looks like he may have a good chance for a win tomorrow. Total Domination had a strong run with their Vette. I think they have some secret under the hood in that one.


(Tommy) All Teams are in. We had some really close times among all the teams. However, every team is allowed only one entry. The first three cars out tomorrow will be:

’69 Camaro of Team Purple
(Owner – William Millhollen)             7.36

’61 Jaguar XKE of Team Jaguar
(Owner – Dan Cocke)                      7.781allquals

’65 Shelby Cobra of Grand Sport Racing
(Owner – Greg Carpenter)               7.80

Congratulations to Team Purple for their fastest qualifying run. Here is a review of the teams top qualifying times. (click to see a list of all qualifying times)


After the qualifying runs, some of the spectators checked out a car show.  This Jaguar Roadster came in on the same transporter from Mongrel Racing.  Isn't she a beauty!

After the qualifying runs, some of the spectators checked out a car show. This Jaguar Roadster came in on the same transporter from Mongrel Racing. Isn’t she a beauty!

Glimmer Twins Racing (Owner – Al Perschilli)
Myer #5     Ferrari 250 SWB                          9.08

Team Austin (Owner – Don Pearson)
The Gray Ghost ’65 Mustang                         8.88

Red Bull Racing (Owner – Alan Van Doren)
David Coulthard ’59 Austin Mini                     9.51

King Racing (Owner – Jeff King)
Jo King   BRP Aston Martin DB5                    8.86

Team Jaguar (Owner – Dan Cocke)
“Jag Boy” ’61 Jaguar XKE                              7.78

Grand Sport Racing (Owner – Greg Carpenter)
Bart Essex ’65 Shelby Cobra                         7.80

Team Purple (Owner – William Milholen)
Bubba       ’69 Camaro                                   7.36

Mongrel Racing (Owner – Rob Rose)
“Stig”          ’69 Karmann Ghia                       8.84

Team Powell (Owner – Bill Powell)
Henry Ford       ’67 Ford Gt MK IV               8.01

Tigers 10-3   (Owner – Rick Vanelli)
Whitey Johnson          ’68 Ford Torino         8.14

South Shore Racing (Owner – Paul Ryer)
Max Creek   ’65 VW Karmann Ghia             8.48

Owl Racing   (Owner – Destany Lewis)
Destany Lewis     Triumph TR3                   8.28

Owens Racing Ent.   (Owner – Jon Owens)
Sammy Stoplight     ’68 AMX                       8.31

Team Total Domination (Owner – Dave Headrich)
Pete “Pitstop” Passer  ’58 VW Chevy Corvette    8.73

Team A&W Root Beer (Owner – Harlan Scarboro)
Andre Lefbreve    ’69 Citroen DS 21                    9.26

Junkabilly Racing   (Owner – Scott Scarboro)
Carl Scarborough Jr. ’66 VW Karmann Ghia         7.83

(Tommy) All cars will be going out tomorrow. There will be a 15 sec delay between each release. There will be some door to door racing out on the course. Stay tuned for the main event. Good night.

Last of the qualifiers are out! chapter 14

(Tommy) Another good run that we have today. The last group of qualifiers will be going out shortly.

(Smokey) Alan Kulwicki was fairly off the pace. He was really complaining about the grip out there. He had several near misses, but managed to bring the car back in one piece. The others were doing very well on the course. Here are the results.

South Shore Racing (Owner – Paul Ryer)

Max Creek     ’65 VW Karmann Ghia             8.48

Owl Racing   (Owner – Destany Lewis)

Alan Kulwicki         Camaro                             9.54

Destany Lewis         Triumph TR3                   8.28

Owens Racing Ent.   (Owner – Jon Owens)

Sammy Stoplight     ’68 AMX                       8.31

Nathan Nitro             ’63 Corvette                 8.65

1alanhoot(Tommy) Smokey, does there seem to be some problem in the pits?

(Smokey) Alan Kulwicki does not seem to be very happy with his result. After kicking the tires and a lot of finger pointing, he has pulled a tool chest over to the car and is dismantling as we speak.

(Tommy) Alan is typically fairly calm. He must really be unhappy with that car.

1white ghia(Smokey) Destany is over there calming him down right now. It helps when you are the team owner. She did very well with her Triumph. Paul Ryer’s Karmann Ghia posted a very close time. Sammy Stoplight had a narrow margin over his teammate Nathan Nitro. Nathan posted a faster time than many qualifiers.  He cannot go home too disappointed.

1amxgoes(Aurora) That stock AMX was really cruising the course. He was outpacing many of the modified cars.

1group(Tommy) The last group will be Total Domination, A&W Root Beer, and Junkabilly Racing. Total Domination is out of New York. Team owner Dave Headrich will be entering the “The Dark Knight” and the “Wildcat Warrior” for everyone’s entertainment. The next two teams are a local group out of Indiana. Team A&W Rootbeer owned by Harlan Scarboro will be entering a ’39 Divco Twin Model U and ‘69 Citroen DS 21 nicknamed the “Green Missile”.  Junkabilly Racing owned by Scott Scarboro will be going out last. The “Bottom Feeder” will be driven by Crafty Dick Kraft. It is a beautiful two tone ’58 Type 2 Dropside Pickup.  “Blue Meanie” will be the last car going out. The ’68 Karmann Ghia will be driven by Carl Scarborough, Jr..

1tdoff(Smokey) Pete “Pitstop” Passer will be driving the ’58 Chevy Corvette rbofftoday. We asked him if it was a stock vette, but all we could get out of him was a big smile. Joe “t-jet” Giammarino will be piloting the ’62 Buick Wildcat Sport Coupe. Joe is an ex Thunder-jet pilot stationed out of Long Island NY.  He should be able to put that Wildcat through the paces. Sudsy Malone will be driving the Low Rider delivery Truck today. He is using a special Oxygenated fuel. It has a Carbon dioxide reactor in the back that breaks down the CO2 to produce oxygen for the fuel. Andre’ Lefebvre is the 1927 Monte Carlo Winner. He will be driving the ’69 Citroen DS 21 which is of his own design. Crafty Dick Kraft is going out next followed by the “Blue Meanie” driven by Carl Scarborough Jr.

(Tommy) That is a very colorful group of talent that we have going out next. It will be great to see what times they put in.

3 in 5 out chapter 13

3amigofords(Tommy) Ford, Ford, Ford. Henry should be proud of this last group coming in and their times are very close.

(Smokey) Times have slowed down a bit in this grouping. I think the cold has played a role here. Let’s look at their times.

Team Powell (Owner – Bill Powell)

Henry Ford       ’67 Ford Gt MK IV                8.01

Tigers 10-3   (Owner – Rick Vanelli)

Scooter Mcgavin         ’65 Ford GT 40           8.42

Whitey Johnson           ’68 Ford Torino         8.14

(Tommy) Looks like the big block Ford engines won out on this one. Henry and Whitey had some very close times.

(Aurora) Yes Tommy, all the cars were really hanging on to those corners.

(Tommy) I think this was the first group that didn’t set a new fastest qualifier. It really has to be this cold weather coming in.

(Smokey) Tommy, the Marshalls are really worried about the snow. They will now be sending the teams out in sets of three.

3white Ghia(Tommy) Next up will be South Shore Racing, Owl Racing, and Owens Racing Ent. South Shore Racing is owned by Paul Ryer out of Massachusetts. They have a one car entry. Next we have Owl Racing out, currently located in Indiana. Owner Destany Lewis is rumored to be moving the team to California. Last in this group is Owens Racing Ent. Owned by Jon Owens. He is another Kentucky native. Kentucky is well represented at Dragon’s Tail today.

(Smokey) We have Max Creek driving a ’65 Karmann Ghia for South Shore Racing today.

3owl(Tommy) Several Karmann Ghias today. They all seem to be doing well. This one will probably post a good time also.

(Smokey) Owl Racing will have Alan Kulwicki driving a #8 White Camaro. Team Owner Destany Lewis will be driving a Triumph TR 3 #9.

3amxSammy Stoplight will be driving a ’68 AMX for Owens Racing. Nathan Nitro will be driving the ’63 Corvette.

(Tommy) Those are some nice looking cars. I heard that ’68 AMX is bone stock.

(Smokey) Yes Tommy, it is bone stock except for the safety equipment. It was doing very well in practice. The cars are being sent off now Tommy.

3hootslide(Aurora) First off is Max Creek for South Shore Racing. It is doing very well through the first set of corners.

Alan Kulwicki leaps one of the hills and nearly careens into the wall, but manages to keep it under control.

Destany Lewis is really handling that Triumph TR3. Should be a good run for her.

3vetteSammy Stoplight is doing a good job drifting the stock AMX for Owens racing.

Wheels are really spinning off the line for Nathan Nitro. There must be a big block in that ’63 Vette.

(Tommy) Another three teams are on their way. Looks like we only have three more teams left for qualifying.