DT Proxy 2018 Ch. 1  Let the (mind) Games Begin!!!

Welcome Race Fans!

Since the return of the Dragon’s Tail Road Rally was officially announced, there has been a series of news stories released by some of the prospective race teams that have added a layer of mystery and misinformation unlike earlier DT rallies.

In the previous contests,  some of the racing teams actually invited the press into their labs to share the process of getting their entries ready.  That doesn’t seem to be the case this time around.  Rumors, speculation, intrigue, and mind games seem to be par for the course for this year’s race.

Several weeks ago the Outlaw  Hippy Racing Team announced that their entries were ready, loaded and in route to the big dance, which cause quite a stir in the racing community.  The DT Race headquarters switch board was swamped with calls from concerned racing teams assuming they had the wrong deadline and were prepared to scramble to get ready!  They were reassured that the deadline for entry was and still is June 30th.  Outlaw Hippy Racing has since retracted their announcement and in fact,  has sent their machines back to the racks to “work some bugs out”.

Even the folks over in Stedman, NC who currently hold the DT crown are keeping their cards close to their chest.  There was some chatter about their race sponsorship being pulled,  but now sources report some recent activity in their garage.

Strummer Racing who had an outstanding qualifying run at the previous DT rally in a VW bug that was eventually plagued with mechanical failures, recently had an outing at Grand Sport Speedway in Lexington, KY.  Although his efforts for the day had him near the tail end of the pack, just for kicks he rolled out one of his possible DT entries,  a beautiful metallic red Ford MklV.  The sleek beast was a familiar sight to a few in attendance.  It was first unveiled at a non sanctioned event held on the DT course that feature a hand full of previous DT Road Rally stars. The Ford dominated that day, which caused several to take note and several pictures!

What do these mind games all mean?!?

It certainly sets the stage for what we think will be a competitive Dragon’s Tail Road Rally like no other!

strum race

Strummer Racing Ford MklV gets noticed