DT Proxy 2018 Ch. 2    Rules, Long Hairs and Pink Slip

We’re about 4 weeks away from the June 30 deadline for all race participants to arrive at the track.  DT Race officials have been busy intercepting inquiries about this year’s car build rules.  From the nature of the topics discussed, it is obvious that the team engineers are looking for that magic ingredient that will separate their entry from the herd.  The range of resourcefulness runs from the primitive to the high tech; stripping the interior of everything, but the bare necessities to utilizing the latest in diagnostic equipment.

The Dragon’s Tail Road Rally inspection crew will be prepared to go over each entry with a fine tooth comb.  If a Racing Team’s Crew Chef has a question about the legality of their car design, they are strongly encouraged to contact DT headquarters.  It is always a disappointment to have a car arrive safely to the track only to be DQ’d because of a mix up in the garage.

Since our last news bulletin, several photos of potential contenders have leaked to the press.  It appears that a few newcomers are stepping up to the challenge, as well as a few past contestants.



Investigative reporting has turned over some dirt about big changes involving the reigning DT champ, Team Owner Tom Hobgood.  His drivers/engineers, The legendary Girlieman Brothers suffered from the all too familiar disease of egoitis and sought more compensation for their successful DT run.  A gratifying agreement could not be reached and so they parted ways. Rumor has it that two new drivers have been employed and a new home grown team has sprouted from the ashes, Piston Slap Racing.  From the photos floating around it appears that they have secured two well known sponsors, Texas Pete hot sauce, and Krispy Kreme donuts.  We look forward to learning more about this new team.


leaked images of Team Piston Slap’s entries


Now let’s turn our attention track side. 

Race officials are busy once again preparing the course and infrastructure to insure a smooth running and enjoyable event.

bikersThis morning two bushy headed film students from California rode in on a motor bike. They are doing some research on a film they plan to produce about two colorful bohemian bikers who travel the back roads of the southern parts of the US.  They offered to provide some additional documentation of the Dragon’s Tail Road Rally.  Here’s a short film they made of a few of the locals testing out the circuit.  This film also features some shots of the official DT Pace Car!


pace2That’s right race fans, DT race sponsor HO Models has supplied this year’s official Pace Car.  A stunning 1958 Plymouth!  Participants of this year’s competition will be racing for the pink slip of this beauty!