DT Proxy 2018   Ch 8 Veterans’ Parade

(Smokey) The qualifying runs for the Dragon’s Tail Road Rally are about to wrap up.  We have one more cluster of cars waiting to determine their place in the race grid.  I am down on the track among the action and boy we have had some action today!

(Tommy) Absolutely!  These racers have come to race.  We knew before the cars arrived with all the pre-race chatter and mind games, that the teams were really going to bring it this year.  And bring it they have!  The qualifying times have improved.  The teams have amped up their competitiveness to the next level and the qualifiers are only separated by fractions of seconds.  We’ve seen a stunning track record take place only to be shattered moments later by a team mate.  After this last group of cars complete the day, the stage will be set for the best Dragon’s Tail Road Rally of all.

nonequal.jpg(Smokey) Well,  We are not finished yet…  It looks like the next team is in place and ready to go.  We’ve got a couple of real lookers here.

(Tommy) No stranger to the DT is Team Nonesuch Racing.  Team owner Dan Cocke and company have been front runners in both of the previous events and this time they plan to put Nonesuch on the map!

(Smokey) Where is Nonesuch anyway?

(Tommy) I don’t know… I think it’s a little place in central Kentucky, but I’m not sure.   Dano is behind the wheel of a striking red 1950 Ferrari 166MM.

(Aurora) From up here in the copter it looked like that little Barchetta just sailed through the course. Brilliant!

(Smokey) Team mate Spud Boy will be piloting another Ferrari.  This time a yellow with orange stripe GTO 250.  He gave me a nod and shot off into turn one.

(Tommy) Both of these cars are from a private collection whose owner wanted to remain anonymous. After some tune ups he told the boys, “No use letting these cars sit around.  I can’t take them with me, so drive ’em like you stole ’em!”

(Aurora) Well, He tried to steal that number one pole spot from Grand Sport Racing.  Spud Boy practically drove the rims off of that thing!

(Smokey) Wow he came close! Spud Boy and the GTO 250 gets the go ahead with the 3rd fastest time that we have seen today. Just behind the two from Grand Sport!

(Tommy) Another returning competitor, Team Powell is up next. This light blue Ford GT is all that is left after the squad was whittled down to a 1 car team due to a DQ.  This is the second time a car from this team has been eliminated during tech for the very same reason.  I believe somebody will be without a job come Monday.

powell.jpg(Aurora) Well Team owner Bill Powell better give the driver, Will Speed a raise because he made that look too easy.

(Smokey) Ready to go is an A and B team from Latrobe, PA.  Pappy and the Kid Racing owned by Jeff King and Eric Shuck.

(Tommy) King’s Team A features a 1950 Olds with Noah Vale at the reins.  Shuck’s Team B entry is a Mercedes 300s driven by Otto Glide. Jeff King is familiar with the DT, but Eric Shuck is the only newcomer in this final group.

pappykid.jpg(Aurora) Both cars handled the road nicely and I bet their times will be close.

(Tommy) Another veteran team ready for takeoff is  Rocket City Racing.  Owner Dave Parker from Madison, Alabama has shipped two memorable cars back to the Dragon’s Tail.  First up is “Herbie”,  a 1963 VW Beetle.

(Smokey) After receiving some fame in the last DT Road Rally, “Herbie” has gone on to star in some major Hollywood movies.  “Herbie” will be driving himself today.

(Aurora) “Herbie” knows the track and performs well.

(Tommy) The second car for Rocket City is a blue with white stripe AC Cobra.  After it’s disappointing outing at the last DT, the “side oiler” Ford 427 engine was given a major overhaul.  Jake Snake is at the controls.

(Smokey) He blasts off!

(Aurora) A commanding performance!

rocketqual.jpg(Tommy)  It looks like the Cobra will edge out our movie star,  but “Herbie” will always be a fan favorite, especially among the kids.

(Smokey) cough, cough, cough… What is this rolling up to the line? Excuse me, I need to move away from this exhaust which is right at eye level.

(Tommy) Smokey are you ok?!  What we have here is the “Dirty Bird” of Strummer Racing.  Inspired by those fancy coned nose aero-cars,  Team owner Harlan Welch-Scarboro did not have enough cash for the real thing, so he made one out of spare parts.

dirtyqual.jpg(Smokey) Holy smokes… cough, cough, cough… is that thing diesel?

(Aurora) It may be made of parts, but driver James May is making it run like the real thing!

(Tommy) Apparently all the team’s finances were put into their final entry.  A candy apple red Ford MklV.  Driving will be Jeremy Clarkson along with his co-pilot Richard Hammond who is sporting a bum leg.

(Aurora) Despite the extra weight of an additional person, the Ford executes very well.

(Smokey) Well, our last team is up to the line and ready to go.  First out for Junkabilly Racing is Carl Scarborough Jr.  it’s unclear if he is any relation to team owner Scott Scarboro.  Carl will be driving a ’63 Corvair.  This car has been equipped with the Fitch Sprint mail-order kit including the trombone shape glass pack muffler and the 4 carburetor set up.  The corvair is on its way!

(Aurora)  The corvair had a decent run, but in this talent pool, decent won’t be good enough.

junkabillyqual.jpg(Tommy) Our last car out for Junkabilly Racing is a hot rod driven by Crafty Dick Kraft.  It’s a little slicker than his usual rat rods from past DT events.  Off he goes!

(Aurora) Speaking of slick, those fancy racing slicks are not helping him any.  He should have stuck with his mismatched tractor tires.

(Tommy) Well folks this concludes the qualifying runs for the Dragon’s Tail Road Rally!  Stay Tuned for the race.  With these amazing qualifying times, this year will be a real barn burner with plenty of door to door racing.  So far the veterans have proved themselves, but on the Dragon’s Tail, it’s anybody’s guess who will bring home the crown!

You can find the final  list of All Qualifying times here.

The list of pole positions for the race can be found here.

10 Team Name – Nonesuch Racing Owner – Dan Cocke Nonesuch, KY
Driver Year/Model # Color
Car #1

Mm 166

Dano owner/driver 1950 Ferrari/Barchetta 166 Red qual
Car #2 Spud Boy 1962 Ferrari GTO 250 22   qual


11 Team Name –  Team Powell Owner – Bill Powell Cumberland,  KY
Driver Year/Model # Color
Car #1

Flying Blue GT

Will Speed 1966 Ford GT 5 Blue qual


12 Team Name – Pappy and the Kid Racing  Team A Owner – Jeff King Latrobe, PA
Driver Year/Model # Color
Car #1


Noah Vale 1950 Oldsmobile 50 White/green with flames qual


13 Team Name – Pappy and the Kid Racing  Team B Owner – Eric Shuck Latrobe, PA
Driver Year/Model # Color
Car #1

The Kid

Otto Glide 1953 Mercedes 300s  10 Gray with white stripe qual


14 Team Name –  Rocket City Racing Owner – Dave Parker Madison,  AL
Driver Year/Model # Color
Car #1 Jake Snake 1966 Cobra 427 98 Dark blue qual
Car #2


Herbie 1963 VW Bug 53 white qual


15 Team Name – Strummer Racing Owner – Harlan Welch-Scarboro New Albany, IN
Driver Year/Model # Color
Car #1

Dirty Bird

James May 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona 3 Lite blue with rust qual
Car #2

Red Fish

Jeremy Clarkson

Richard Hammond /shotgun

Ford MklV 3 Red qual


16 Team Name – Junkabilly Racing Owner – Scott Scarboro New Albany, IN
Driver Year/Model # Color
Car #1 Carl Scarborough, Jr 1963 Corvair 33 Tan qual
Car #2 Crafty Dick Kraft Hot rod 32 Tan qual