“Tommy T-jet Q and A about venue change” chapter 2

Tommy T-jet here. The rumors are true. We have confirmation from one of the Flying Dutchmen crew at the Skunkwerks at the Freeman Field Raceway. Here is a short view of the Q&A session we had with “Speedy” Van Doren, son of the great “Captain”.

Q: (Tommy) There are rumors abound that there will a race at the Dragon Tail this year. Any news on that?

A: (Speedy) Great possibility. I was approached by a gentlemen known as “Junkabilly” from the Scarborough crew located in southern Indiana about the Carrera Panamericana. He was wanting to enter a team in the race. However, I had to disappoint him the news that there would once again not be a race.

Q: No race! I thought the rumors were true. Why no race?

A: Hold on! Let me finish. The Carrera Panamericana will not be held. This was a great venue with some big name teams involved. However, with the big crash at Le Mans has led to some big safety concerns. It just was no longer feasible to safely hold the event. Also Porsche has taken over much of the qualifying track here at home. However, Mr. “Junkabilly” has his hands on a proposed site. Many know it as the Dragon’s Tail. It is a small challenging route through Tennessee and North Carolina.

Q: So what is the possibility that this event will be held?

A: Very good. He has asked for my support in the logistics of the event, and he will provide the track and try attract some sponsors.

Q: What type of cars will be running?

A: This will be a pretty open event. The rules are being sorted out right now. The Dragon’s tail is a very twisty route, so horsepower won’t be a big factor. Handling will be the big factor here.

Q: What teams will be running?

A: Mr. “Junkabilly” has that info. I think it will be several big name teams and several locals from the hills. I would be more worried about the locals dominating the event though. They have run that strip of road before, and know it well. It is currently being repaved though, so that may throw them off a little.

Q: When will the event be held?

A: Well, it may be pretty soon. Teams will need to hurry to get prepared. Tentative timing is looking like January. No definite date has been set yet. Rules are being run by some competition scrutineers at the moment. We are trying to make this event as open as possible yet maintain as fair a playing field as possible. Not easy. It will definitely be a fun event for the spectators.