“Aurora on the Scene” chapter 3

  Aurora on the scene!signup1

Hello Race Fans!! Tommy T-jet here with The Dragon Tail news. Cool weather is starting to roll in which the horsepower junkies love. It is great all the rumors have been true and The Dragon Tail is progressing into a glorious event. We have Aurora back to help out with on the scene action. How are we doing down there Aurora?

(Aurora) More like up here Tommy. Very cool at these high altitudes. Lots of activity going on.

(Tommy) What do we have going on?signup2

(Aurora) Lots of track preparation. They seem to be getting a timing system set-up right now. Banners are being hung, and we already have some of the Sponsor trucks rolling in. From here I can see Jag Hobbies and One Stop Slot Shop trucks. Both have always been big parts suppliers for the racing venues.

(Tommy) Any race teams there yet?

(Aurora) No. A little early for that. The only pre-race activity allowed will be a short warm up and the qualifying runs. So, we probably won’t see any teams until closer to January. Track surface looks great. I was talking to “Speedy” Van Doren and he had some advice for the Teams.

(Tommy) What would that be, Aurora? With the track record, I am sure the teams will be listening.

(Aurora) He said that many of the teams are used to preparing for short curvy tracks, but this has another technical difference. With the elevation changes, there are also several humps or bumps in the track. Many racers will try to get their cars as low as possible for handling in the corners. However, they won’t provide enough front clearance for those humps. Many cars will bottom out on the humps, or try to drive too fast to clear them that they wind up losing control in the next corner. So, many of the teams are testing these issues on their own track.

(Tommy) Sounds like some good information for the Teams. Do you have anything else for us?

(Aurora) Here is some local press information for the event.


(Aurora) Look! They are already getting the start/finish banner going up.

Great stuff Aurora. Stay posted race fans. Still quite some time before the race begins, but lots of preparation needs to be done. Looks like they are really at work on the Dragon’s Tail.