“Work on Dragon’s Tail continues” chapter 4

Hello race fans! Tommy Tjet here with latest news from the Dragon’s Tail. On this rather cold day, let’s check in with Aurora…

(Aurora) Hi Tommy. It has been rather quiet here at the Dragon’s Tail. The locals are still preparing the road for the grueling event.  Snow has rolled in which is slowing progress down a little. The local news has some pictures of the local town having some of the last warm weather fun.


Pool side party


The last grass cutting of the year


Who is that resting by the falls?


Last dip in the lagoon


cooling off


Fall weather is great for flying kites

dune buggy club goes for one last spin

dune buggy club goes for one last spin

Many of the support groups have already rolled in. Two shipments of tires from an event sponsor Super Tires have rolled in. Several barrels of  Habby’s Lube Oil are lining the paddocks.  Also, Jim’s Custom Rod Shop has set up tents to display some of their vehicles. Looks like the ViaSue timing system is just about complete. “Speedy” Van Doren should be down shortly after it’s completion to test out the course. Everything is proceeding smoothly here at the Dragon’s Tail. It’s rather quiet at the moment, but it won’t  be for long. Back to you Tommy.

(Tommy)There you have it race fans. Build it and they will come. Surprising how quickly this event is coming together since it’s announcement last month. Group Scarboro should be commended for their hard work and determination. And the clock is ticking down