“Eye in the Sky” chapter 5

Tommy Tjet here. I have just been contacted by Aurora with some interesting news.IMG_20141118_234545

(Aurora) Hiii To mi skwhdljzxhyuy.

(Tommy) What was that Aurora, I can barely hear you?

(Aurora) Sorry about that Tommy. We are up here in our new toy, a Bell Helicopter and it is a little loud. Now we will have an eye in the sky.

(Tommy) It will probably be a little easier to get around in than the planes from Freeman Field during the Carrera Panamericana.

A break in the weather allowed Aurora to take the chopper up for some scouting.  These shots were taken from the remote camera mounted on the exterior of the helicopter.

IMG_20141118_234939 IMG_20141118_234924 IMG_20141118_234902

(Aurora) Oh yes Tommy. This Bell was built at the local factory. We were at much higher altitudes in those planes during the Carrera. From here, everything looks like HO Models.

PART_1416792121471Hey, what are those? Two cars are coming in at top speed from that Two-Lane Blacktop! Looks like a ‘55 Chevy and new Pontiac GTO. I wonder if they are coming in for the race?

(Tommy) Aurora, you must really know your cars to know what they are from up there.

(Aurora) Oh, this Bell is great. It will be a great addition to the crew for Dragon’s Tail.

(Tommy) Well, keep us posted. Have fun with the new toy.

PART_1416791264478 IMG_20141118_234713