The Good, Sad and Excellent

Bubba's Race Car Shells

Bubba’s Race Car Shells

King Racing Bodies

King Racing Bodies

As we make the final preparations for the Big Race, the last few sponsor prizes rolled in. We received a nice shipment of bodies from Bubba’s Race Car Shells. And a surprise last minute sponsor,  King Racing Bodies delivered some modified racing bodies handcrafted from their shop as well as some fine racing apparel from the Western Pennsylvania Slot Car Club.  There are some very Good prizes for all that were able to participate in the very first Dragon’s Tail Road Rally Proxy.

Habby's hit a snag

Habby’s hit a snag

Speaking of sponsors, we did receive some sad news from Habby’s HO Slot Car Lube Shop. Despite their enthusiasm to participate,  it seems that they hit a snag in the shipment of their fine product and had to pull their sponsorship for this year.  They wish all of the racers luck and hope to be involved next time.


Some of the entries start to unload

The most excellent and exciting news was the arrival of several more racers to the track.  At this point, 11 teams have shown up with word that a handful more will arrive by this evening.  It will be a full field and anybody’s race!  Once all the cars have been checked in, tech inspections will start.