“Preparation Day” chapter 6

1skygrp1Hello race fans. Tommy T-jet here on this fabulous weekend. We are here at the glorious Dragon’s Tail Rally. Teams have been pouring in from all over the country to test their technical prowess at this inaugural event. Lots of local veterans and east coast teams are moving in. With the frigid weather this week, our “eye in the sky” has had difficulty making it 2skygrp1in the air. Aurora is up there now. To you Aurora.

(Aurora) Hi Tommy. It is beautiful here overlooking the Dragon’s Tail. Quite cold temperatures we are having.

(Tommy) Any good news for us.

2skygrp2(Aurora) Well over this past weekend “Speedy” Van Doren made it down for some grueling test sessions. I talked to him a little, and he said the track was awesome. During the shakedown he was having some fueling issues that weren’t giving him consistent times at first. The problems however have been rectified so everything should be smooth as silk when he comes back down to help run the event.

1skygrp2(Tommy) What kind of cars are showing up.

(Aurora) The field is very diverse Tommy. Many British, American and German machines are well represented. There is also a sprinkling from Italy, France, and Japan.

(Tommy) Seems as if we have a good mix of cars. Any news on when the event will start?

(Aurora) Right now everything is just getting organized. Smokey should be arriving soon, so everyone should be going through tech here shortly. The legality of some cars are already in question, but we will get updates on that from Smokey when he arrives. I will try to get some pictures from above of the cars in the tech paddock.

(Tommy) Well sounds like everything is coming along nicely. My report shows 16 teams have arrived with a possible 29 cars. That is an amazing turnout. Sponsors have arrived in storm as well. We have to give great thanks to these guys for their support. And the race prepares to begin………….

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