First Four Qualifiers chapter 8

Tommy Tjet with the latest news from the Dragon’s Tail. Cold weather and cold tires are what the teams will have to deal with today. Race control is sending teams off 4 cars at a time in 2 minute intervals. The first teams out are Glimmer Twins Racing (Owner Al Perschilli) and Team Austin (Owner Don Pearson). The Glimmer Team appears to be a V8 specialist shop out of Rhode Island known for producing smooth running engines. Team Austin is headquartered in New Hampshire and will work on anything you bring into the shop. Let’s go to Aurora in the “eye in the sky”.qlinesky

(Aurora) Hi Tommy. This new helicopter is going to be great. We are getting ready to watch the first cars out of the gate. With all the corners in the Dragon’s Tail we will be able to keep a good view of all 4 cars in the first session.

(Tommy)q55smokey Good to hear. Smokey has come to join us today from down in the pits.

(Smokey) Hi Tommy…Aurora! All the teams are running frantic trying to get last second preparations in as the first car is going out. I have here Mac driving the number #92 Chevy. How are you feeling Mac?

qcrowd(Mac) The exhilaration is unreal. I am so psyched that all these sponsors and drivers have come together to make such a wonderful event happen. I want to thank the host and townspeople for all their generosity over the last couple of days.

(Smokey) Any concerns?

(Mac) Not really. We had a pretty long delay, but the Glimmer Twins Racing ’55 Chevy seems to be up to the task.

(q55curvesSmokey) That is all I have for you Tommy. I have been instructed to move away from the grid. Mac was given the 1 minute countdown for the start of the first Dragon’s Tail Rally.


(Aurora) We have the ’55 Chevy with a blistering start. He appears to be cautious through the first set of corners.

qferoff(Smokey) Hey Tommy. I am here with Mr. Myer who is driving the #5 Ferrari for Glimmer Twins Racing. He tells me that he and Mack are new to the racing scene. They just responded to a want ad for driver’s needed. They are just two handy men with a little driving experience. And he is offfff!

qaustinoverhead(Aurora) We have the #5 Ferrari off to a start. He looks a little sluggish, but the new driver in the Ferrari may be taking it easy.

(Tommy) It looks like we have Team Austin up next.

(Smokey) Yes we have The Gray Ghost driving a ’65 Mustang. Not much is known about this driver. Whoa!!!! Did you see that?

qtangoff(Aurora) Yes Smokey! That mustang really launched off the start. For a second there I thought I was at a Drag Strip. Looking good going into the first corner.

q37off(Smokey) Next we have a ’37 Chevy out from Team Austin. Drivers are listed as Bonnie and Clyde. They are on their way.

(Tommy) First four cars are off. We will keep everyone updated as news comes in. Tommy signing off.