Last of the qualifiers are out! chapter 14

(Tommy) Another good run that we have today. The last group of qualifiers will be going out shortly.

(Smokey) Alan Kulwicki was fairly off the pace. He was really complaining about the grip out there. He had several near misses, but managed to bring the car back in one piece. The others were doing very well on the course. Here are the results.

South Shore Racing (Owner – Paul Ryer)

Max Creek     ’65 VW Karmann Ghia             8.48

Owl Racing   (Owner – Destany Lewis)

Alan Kulwicki         Camaro                             9.54

Destany Lewis         Triumph TR3                   8.28

Owens Racing Ent.   (Owner – Jon Owens)

Sammy Stoplight     ’68 AMX                       8.31

Nathan Nitro             ’63 Corvette                 8.65

1alanhoot(Tommy) Smokey, does there seem to be some problem in the pits?

(Smokey) Alan Kulwicki does not seem to be very happy with his result. After kicking the tires and a lot of finger pointing, he has pulled a tool chest over to the car and is dismantling as we speak.

(Tommy) Alan is typically fairly calm. He must really be unhappy with that car.

1white ghia(Smokey) Destany is over there calming him down right now. It helps when you are the team owner. She did very well with her Triumph. Paul Ryer’s Karmann Ghia posted a very close time. Sammy Stoplight had a narrow margin over his teammate Nathan Nitro. Nathan posted a faster time than many qualifiers.  He cannot go home too disappointed.

1amxgoes(Aurora) That stock AMX was really cruising the course. He was outpacing many of the modified cars.

1group(Tommy) The last group will be Total Domination, A&W Root Beer, and Junkabilly Racing. Total Domination is out of New York. Team owner Dave Headrich will be entering the “The Dark Knight” and the “Wildcat Warrior” for everyone’s entertainment. The next two teams are a local group out of Indiana. Team A&W Rootbeer owned by Harlan Scarboro will be entering a ’39 Divco Twin Model U and ‘69 Citroen DS 21 nicknamed the “Green Missile”.  Junkabilly Racing owned by Scott Scarboro will be going out last. The “Bottom Feeder” will be driven by Crafty Dick Kraft. It is a beautiful two tone ’58 Type 2 Dropside Pickup.  “Blue Meanie” will be the last car going out. The ’68 Karmann Ghia will be driven by Carl Scarborough, Jr..

1tdoff(Smokey) Pete “Pitstop” Passer will be driving the ’58 Chevy Corvette rbofftoday. We asked him if it was a stock vette, but all we could get out of him was a big smile. Joe “t-jet” Giammarino will be piloting the ’62 Buick Wildcat Sport Coupe. Joe is an ex Thunder-jet pilot stationed out of Long Island NY.  He should be able to put that Wildcat through the paces. Sudsy Malone will be driving the Low Rider delivery Truck today. He is using a special Oxygenated fuel. It has a Carbon dioxide reactor in the back that breaks down the CO2 to produce oxygen for the fuel. Andre’ Lefebvre is the 1927 Monte Carlo Winner. He will be driving the ’69 Citroen DS 21 which is of his own design. Crafty Dick Kraft is going out next followed by the “Blue Meanie” driven by Carl Scarborough Jr.

(Tommy) That is a very colorful group of talent that we have going out next. It will be great to see what times they put in.