Concourse and Let’s Get Ready to Rumble! chapter 16

Welcome back!  Tommy T-Jet here once again after a spectacular day of qualifying runs yesterday. We have 16 cars, 16 Teams ready for today’s event. The weather was erratic, so times may be a little skewed for the race, but now the snow has melted and the track is clear.

Here are the final qualifying results from yesterday.

results qualifyingEach team is only allowed one entry to move forward to the race. These are the cars that will be going out for the rally.

order cars will goWe have a little bit of time while the teams prepare their cars, so let’s look at the results from another part of this competition, the Concours d’Elegance.

Every car submitted to the Dragon’s Tail Proxy was considered as an entry for the concourse. A panel of judges viewed the entries and selected their choices for best looking and unique car.  In addition to the panel of judges the spectators were asked to vote for their favorite automobile.

judges choicesThe Judges choices
1st place 1962 Buick Wildcat Sport Coupe
Team Total Domination (owner Dave Headrich)

2nd place 1955 Chevy
Glimmer Twins Racing (owner Al Perschilli)

3rd place 1962 J. XKE 1 1/2
Team Jaguar (owner Dan Cocke)

peoples choicesThe People’s Choice Awards
1st place 1968 Ford Torino
Team Tigers 10-3 (owner Rick Vanelli)

2nd place 1961 J. XKE
Team Jaguar (owner Dan Cocke)

3rd place 1965 Shelby Cobra
Grand Sport Racing (owner Greg Carpenter)

Congratulations to all of our Concourse winners! It’s best that we took care of that part of the competition prior to the road rally because some of these beauties might not be much to look at when this day is done.

Cars will be going out in 15 sec intervals, so many will be fighting for position on the course. Cars are staging now. The Dragon’s Tail Begins……………