And They’re off !!!! chapter 17

1marshalls(Tommy) Marshalls are ready. Racers are ready. Bubba in the ’69 Camaro for Team Purple is off. Team owner William Milholen must be watching with great enthusiasm.

1bubbagone(Aurora) The purple Camaro flies into the first corner with extreme speed. Bubba is not holding back.

(Tommy) He knows he has some great competition behind him. “Jag Boy” is leaving the grid now.

(Aurora) The Jaguar also makes an excellent start. Owner Dan Cocke is viewing from the first hill.

(Tommy) Next out is Grand Sport Racing’s Bart Essex.

1jagcobra1jaghill(Aurora) He is hot on the tail of the Jaguar. That #91 is doing very well for owner Greg Carpenter.

(Tommy)We have Carl Scarborough leaving the grid for Junkabilly Racing.

1bluonmove(Aurora) He makes a blistering start. He looks like he will have a lot of grip today.

(Tommy) Team Powell is up next.

(Aurora) Another excellent start. All top five cars show they have a well-deserved position.

(Aurora) Whoa!!! The ’65 Cobra of Grand Sport racing was trying to make a move on “Jag Boy” when unexpectedly he gets cut off by Carl 1torinooffScarborough. What a move! Bart Essex seems to have lost some speed.

(Tommy) That is some good racing. Carl has found some speed somewhere.

(Tommy) We have a lot of smooth starts. Tigers 10-3, Owl Racing, Owens Racing all making good starts. South Shore Racing making another………….

astongrup(Aurora) Carl Scarborough is on the move. “Jag Boy” is really struggling to keep him off his bumper. Team Jaguar is really at pace, but Junkabilly Racing must have found a spark of fire for that Karmann Ghia.

(Tommy) Great to hear Aurora. Cars are leaving smoothly here. More teams out. Total Domination, Mongrel Racing, and King Racing are all on stage. Team Austin………

1blucut1blucut2(Aurora) This is the Carl show today Tommy. Carl makes the Scandanavian Flick through the last corner through hills. “Jag Boy” is caught by surprise. Carl is now trying to run Bubba down.

1minigrup(Tommy) Smooth running on the rest of the course. I think everyone is just feeling out this first stage. Glimmer Teams Racing, A&W Root Beer, and Red Bull Racing all out on course.

(Aurora) Yes everything appears smooth from up here. Carl was really giving the fans a show. Everyone is approaching the end of the first stage.

(Tommy) All cars are in. Here are the first stage results. No big movers except Carl Scarborough for Team Junkabilly Racing.

results heat1

(Tommy) Drivers are going through stage 2. Aurora do you have anything………………..