Congratulations to Team … chapter 21

(Tommy) Here is the review of Stage 4. Aurora will update us with the latest on track.

results4of5checksbubba(Aurora) Bubba is making his way in now. He has run a flawless run today. He is sure to be taking the top position today for owner William Milholen.

“Jag Boy” made a final rush for the front position, but could not gain any ground. He ran a wonderful last stage.

Bart Essex of Grand Sport Racing was making up some good ground on torinoghia in3inCarl Scarborough, but Carl managed to hold him off for a podium finish.

Max Creek made a hard charge at the finish and made a good clean pass on the inside of Whitey Johnson for a top five finish. kingtanginSorry Whitey.

Jo King of King Racing and The Gray Ghost of Team Austin are making their way in. They will be finishing 7th and 8th respectively. They made a good run from their qualifying position of 12th and 13th.

Glimmer Teams Racing made a smooth pass past Destany down the hill when the Triumph lost a cylinder. However, Team Powell, Mongrel downhillminiflagRacing, and Owens Racing Ent nearly collected into her coming down the hill. All cars were unscathed, but it was an extremely close race to the finish for those teams.

vettein citinDavid Coulthard struggled with oil pressure problems at the finish.

Pete Passer never recovered from his tire issue. Great tire change for “Pitsstop”.

Andre’ LefeBreve brings in the Citroen with wheel bearing issues. Glad to see the Citroen make it to the finish.

(Tommy) Here are the results of stage 5. Official Race results will be posted by the Marshalls shortly. This has been a very interesting race for the fans. Lots of good racing through the whole field today. Congratulations to Team Purple of William Milholen for his hard fought win.