Everyone has found their Groove Chapter 20

(Tommy) Here is the review of Stage 3. Aurora will update us with the latest on track.

heat3of5results(Aujagblububbarora) Everyone has finally settled into their groove on the track.

Team Purple is still dominating the course. I think cobraall teams will be investigating the new front end of that Camaro after the event.

Team Jaguar and Junkabilly Racing are still hard at it. Carl Scarborough really wants that 2nd position back. Grand Sport Racing is starting to lose some ground.

Lots of close racing through the pack.

Tigers 10-3 and South Shore racing are hard at it.

Thghostastone Gray Ghost still holding strong after torinoghiahis big gains in the last stage. He  is still hot on Jo King’s tail of King Racing.

Destany Lewis seems to have her car back under control, and is holding off the Ferrari of Glimmer Twins fertriRacing.tanfordghia

Henry Ford is holding off the Stig for the time being. Stig is really working those corners. He just can’t manage to get the Ghia over the hills well.miniamxpitstop

Sammy stoplight is still struggling with the AMX after the near miss with the tree. He is trying to keep David Coulthard of Red Bull racing at bay.

Pitstop Pete is running at a good steady pace, but not making any ground on the rest of the field.

A&W racing continues to struggle with wheel bearing problems. Hopefully they can make it to the end.

(Tommy) Doesn’t look like there is any change in position, but there is lots of close racing out there. Here are the results of stage 4.