2016 DT Proxy – Ch. 3 “Super Tires roll in”

stires2016proxy1Earlier today, local officials received a call that there was some trouble up at Castle Mountain.  Some ice and snow came tumbling down, blocking all traffic lanes and trapping road travelers. Among the distressed vehicles was a white behemoth monster of a truck wearing a familiar logo of red, white and blue,  Super Tires!!!

stires2016proxy2Road crews quickly came to the rescue and cleared the road. The enormous truck rolled into town with none other than Super Tires co owner, Sandy behind the wheel. She was here to deliver a very generous supply of their super fine products as a return sponsor of the Dragon’s Tail Road Rally. Super Tires are wonderful for getting good traction and great handling performance (both 20160124_125236are important on the DT ). In fact it is rumored that several cars utilized Super Tires last year including the 2015 Dragon’s Tail Road Rally winner!

Excitement is in the air now that the first sponsor has rolled into town!