2016 DT Proxy Ch. 4 “Bodies, Decals and Oil… Oh my!”

3 More Sponsors come to town!  Other than the the fun and glory of racing in the Dragon’s Tail Road Rally, fantastic prizes are another perk for participating, and this year is no exception!  As the sponsors deliveries start to roll in, it is obvious that the brave souls that choose to race the Dragon’s Tail will be well rewarded!

9train1Homer and Spike had just finished doing some routine maintenance on the rails this morning, when they heard the Ol’ Cannonball steaming along right behind them! They managed to get the little hand pump trolley out of the way just in the nick of time to see the black engine speed by towing a 9train2long line of enclosed auto racks with the 9 Finger Hobbies logo stamp upon their sides.  Just like last year, DT Race Headquarters had to be careful unloading as the contents were packed so plentiful that they nearly tumbled out.


cnrvanOver by the Riverbend Campground a bright yellow van stopped for some cowboy coffee and s’mores (and directions) then headed to DT race HQ to drop off some decals and race apparel from C & R Racing.   If your car’s not fast, at least you can look fast with these generous donations from this returning sponsor!

habbyoilDragon’s Tail Race Headquarters was very pleased to see a first time sponsor, Habby’s HO Slot Car Lube Shop!   We were pleased not only because they offer “two products that no HO slot car racer’s pit box should be without”, but also because last year they had a little bit of trouble getting to the track.  Glad you arrived safely this year Habby!

Much Thanks to our Sponsors!!!

We will keep you posted as more news develops!