2016 DT Proxy Ch.6 “Hot Dog!!! 4 more Sponsors arrive”

About lunch time today, some folks decided to check out the Wiener Mobile that happened to be parked at the Siesta Motel. Heads turned when unexpectedly a thunderous commotion came barreling  down Main Street! Not one, but 4 trucks came racing through town.

hd4Leading the pack was a blue delivery van from One Stop Slot Shop. It was full of good stuff to help the racer run smooth and stay in the groove.

A close second was a JAG Hobbies semi toting a trailer filled with some fine racing apparel, a special racing engine and car bodies.hd3

Speaking of car bodies, the next truck following closely was packing some serious custom bodies from Jim’s Custom Rod Shop.

hd5The 4th truck was a beautiful metallic green machine. When the boys went to unload its loot, it was found to be empty inside. Then the driver stuck out his hand and waved a pink piece of paper. The truck was the loot! Some lucky participant of the Dragon’s Tail Road Rally will win the pink slip of this official racing center truck from HO Models.

HO Models

HO Models