2016 DT Proxy Ch. 7 “Drama on the Drawbridge and All the Sponsors are in!”

proxy20161There’s already a little drama playing out on the course and the race hasn’t even started yet. It seems that late last night someone contacted local law enforcement with complaints of a group of rabble-rousers racing through the foot hills and Castle Rock. Sheriff Knottinham was able to catch up to the rogues on Drawbridge Road. It turned out to be members of the Junkabilly Racing Team sneaking in some test tuning on the driving course. Dragon’s Tail Road Rally race officials were on the scene and deemed the situation a violation of race protocol giving the local team an unfair advantage. Junkabilly Racing has been penalized. They will be allowed to participate in the race but they will be excluded from occupying any podium positions. With such an anticipated pool of talent expected to show up this year, we shall see if the penalty has any affect on the outcome of the race.

proxy20162proxy20163This year race organizers obtained the proper permits and received permission from town officials to erect sponsorship billboards along the race course. A work crew was busy this morning installing the signage along Backbone Road when two tractor trailers eased their way around the perilous turns. BRP and Bubba’s Race Car Shells, the last of the Sponsors bearing prizes have arrived! Rumor has it that both are also sponsoring race teams in this year’s race.

There seem to be some movement in the newly constructed pit areas as race officials continue to prepare for the arrival of more car transporters over the next couple of days. We are also anticipating the return of Tommy Tjet, Smokey and Aurora to help cover the racing excitement.  Stay tuned as things are starting to gear up!