2016 DT Proxy Ch. 10 “A Dozen Qualifiers”

(Tommy Tjet) Welcome Back Race Fans! Earlier today we saw the first five qualifiers make it into the big dance, but we aren’t through yet. We still have some incredible machines coming up! Let’s check in with Smokey down where the action is, Smokey…

ch101(Smokey) Thanks Tommy. Yes we’ve seen some good driving already today and we are not even a third of the way through the field. Franz Girlieman has set the bar pretty high with his 7.522 lap time in the #31 Ghia. Next up is another Karmann Ghia from South Shore Racing in Highman, MA.

(Tommy) Some of you may recognize “Jolene” the white with orange stripe VW Ghia from the first Dragon’s Tail Road Rally. Team Owner Paul Ryer has tweaked and retuned the little car with hopes to improve upon last year’s 5th place finish.

(Smokey) And How! wow, did you see that?! Driver Max Creek must have stomped that pedal through the floor. It has plenty of power. It flew from the start line! How’s it look from above Aurora?

(Aurora) Yes, the South Shore Ghia has way more speed this time around but some handling prowess has suffered. Max is doing all he can but that Ghia hops every time he shifts.  He will have a decent time and hopefully over the course of the race he’ll be able to handle that feisty girl.

ch10vib(Tommy) Whoa! I can hear that all the way up here in the tower. Smokey…

(Smokey) Yes Tommy that growl you hear is some serious American metal. King Racing from Latrobe, PA has put everything they got into this fuchsia 69 Dodge Dart. Team Owner Jeff King has been pretty quiet about the power plant behind this thing. 440 V8? who knows… I do know it’s vibrating my insides. There it goes. It’s plenty fast!

(Tommy) Fast is not always first on the Dragon’s Tail.

(Smokey) True. very true.

ch103(Tommy) Next up we have a sleek mid engine machine from Scuderia Ferrari Racing Team.   This 67 Ferrari 330 P4 beauty is from Owner Tom Bowman stables in Virginia Beach, VA. There was a little trouble with the car. Smokey do you have the story?

(Smokey) Yes Tommy, during free practice the car was performing poorly or unpredictably. It seemed that the Ferrari was too low to the ground and would drag here and there. The Team’s crew pumped a little more air into the tires and it was just enough to raise it.

(Aurora) There it goes. Driver Roberto Asconi is making it look real easy!

(Smokey) We have a new Fastest Lap!!! and The crowd is going wild down here. Simply Amazing.

(Tommy) That was an amazing run. The other teams are going to be looking for ways to let the air out of those tires. Rolling up to the line is a gorgeous specimen from Rocket City Racing centered out of Madison, Alabama.

ch104(Smokey) This 1963 Cobra is fresh off a win at Riverside and great things are expected from it today. Instead of Dave MacDonald, Rocket City has placed Dan Turnkey behind the wheel. There it goes.

(Aurora) The blue and white cobra seems to be handling pretty well but the sun is lower in the sky and the shadow and light play seems to be giving the driver some trouble when he comes out of the over pass.

(Smokey) Ah, here’s a first at the Dragon’s Tail… The second car from Rocket City Racing seems to be driving itself!

ch105(Tommy) Come again Smokey. Did I hear you correctly???

(Smokey) That’s right Tommy. This charming little 63 VW Bug just took off without a driver.

(Aurora) I don’t know how that is possible, but from up here it looks like that #53 VW bug is making some good time, with or without a driver.

ch106(Tommy) At the line we have a 65 Candy Apple Red Ford Mustang 2+2. Cornhusker Racing transported 2 cars to the Dragon’s Tail, but one was found to be in violation of the rules and was DQ’d. So Team Owner Mark Boesen has had to put all his eggs into one basket. Let’s hope driver McLoving can deliver.

(Smokey) Nice Run Tommy! There were times when that car was air born, Reminiscent of last year’s winner. It will be interesting to see where he is on the board.

ch107(Tommy) We are getting down to the last couple of teams for qualifying. Next up is Strummer Racing. A relative newcomer, Team Owner Harlan Welch-Scarboro had a hard time acquiring sponsorship. He had to nickel and dime his way here selling advertising rights to every inch of his cars’ surface.

(Smokey) First off is a tan hot rod coup. It runs pretty decent through the course but has some handling issues. Followed by a VW Bug. Yep just checking. This one has a driver.ch108

(Tommy) Driver indeed! Rick Von Wolfenstein is really taking that beetle on a trip.

Last team up is Junkabilly Racing. Carl Scarborough is behind the wheel of a 65 Meyers Manx.

ch109(Smokey) Using the same chassis of his former 3rd place winning custom Ghia, Team Owner Scott Scarboro has replaced the body with this fiberglass dune buggy. We shall see if it’s a mistake.

(Tommy) Junkabilly Racing has some friends in the local VW/Buggy club and many of them have come out to show their support.

ch1010(Smokey) Tommy, I’m down here with the last driver of the day, Crafty Dick Kraft who’s about to go out in a chopped up beetle that he’s calling a Rat Rod. Why is that Dick?

(Crafty Dick Craft) Well when we dug the body up at the junkyard, all these rats ran out of the rotten seat cushions. So why not? Any ways before I take off in this bucket of rust I just wanted to say thanks to everybody for tuning in. It’s been a good day of racing and the fans and sponsors have been so supportive.   Ok, I’m off!

(Tommy) I couldn’t have said it better myself! But before we sign off, let’s look at the leader board.

(X moves forward)

1 Team Name – Karmann Ghia Racing Owner – Tom Hobgood Stedman , NC
Driver Year/Model # Color
Car #1 Hans Girlieman 65 Karmann Ghia 11 Lt Blue/white qual
Car #2 Franz Girlieman 64 Karmann Ghia 31 Lt Blue qual
7.522 X


2 Team Name – Outlaw Hippy Racing Owner – Sal Matthews High Point, NC
Driver Year/Model # Color
Car #1


Guido Da Britt Jagarri GT250KE Pink qual
9.588 X
Car #2

Chappy Red

Joe “The Roller” Bonez Chappanel MKII Red qual


3 Team Name – Nonesuch Racing Owner – Dan Cocke Nonesuch, KY
Driver Year/Model # Color
Car #1 Dano owner/driver 1968 AMC Javelin 68 Lt Blue qual
8.314 X
Car #2 Shorty Kowalski 1967 Pontiac Firebird 7 White/black qual


4 Team Name – Grand Sport Racing Owner – Greg Carpenter Lexington, KY
Driver Year/Model # Color
Car #1 Jerry Titus 1964 Chevy Cheetah 2 Dk Purple qual
8.040 X




5 Team Name – Team Purple Owner – William Milholen Carrollton, VA
Driver Year/Model # Color
Car #1 Bubba 69 Camaro 6 Purple qual
8.225 X


6 Team Name – South Shore Racing Owner – Paul Ryer Highham, MA
Driver Year/Model # Color
Car #1


Max Creek 1965 VW Karmann Ghia 56 white qual
8.513 X


7 Team Name – King Racing Owner – Jeff King Latrobe, PA
Driver Year/Model # Color
Car #1

Grape Duece

Ted E. Baer 1969 Dodge Dart 2 lavender qual
8.539 X


8 Team Name – Scuderia Ferrari Owner – Tom Bowman Virginia Beach, VA
Driver Year/Model # Color
Car #1 Roberto Asconi 67 Ferrari 330 P4 21 maroon qual
7.383 X


9 Team Name – Rocket City Racing Owner – Dave Parker Madison, AL
Driver Year/Model # Color
Car #1 Dan Turnkey 1963 Cobra 289 98 Dark blue qual
Car #2 Herbie 1963 VW Bug 53 white qual
8.233 X



10 Team Name – Cornhusker Racing Owner – Mark Boesen Machesney, IL
Driver Year/Model # Color
Car #2 McLovin 1965 Ford Mustang 2+2 3 Candy apple red qual
7.555 X


11 Team Name – Owner – Harlan Welch-Scarboro New Albany, IN
Driver Year/Model # Color
Car #1 Hot Rod 7 tan qual
Car #2 VW bug 75 white qual
8.120 X


12 Team Name – Junkabilly Racing Owner – Scott Scarboro New Albany, IN
Driver Year/Model # Color
Car #1 Carl Scarborough, Jr Meyers Manx 1965 Gun metal blue qual
8.299 X
Car #2 Crafty Dick Kraft Squash bug Primer gray qual


2016 Dragon’s Tail Road Rally qualifiers

7.383    Scuderia Ferrari                 Ferrari 330 P4    Tom Bowman

7.522     Karman Ghia Racing        #31 Ghia              Tom Hobgood

7.555     Cornhusker Racing          Mustang              Mark Boesen

8.040     Grand Sport Racing         Cheetah               Greg Carpenter

8.120     Strummer Racing             VW Beetle          Harlan Welch-Scarboro

8.225     Team Purple                      Camaro              William Milholen

8.233     Rocket City Racing           Herbie VW          Dave Parker

8.299     Junkabilly Racing              Manx Buggy       Scott Scarboro

8.314     Nonesuch Racing             AMC Javelin       Dan Cocke

8.513     South Shore Racing         VW Ghia              Paul Ryer

8.539     King Racing                         Dodge Dart         Jeff King

9.588     Outlaw Hippy Racing       Jagarri                   Sal Matthews