2016 DT Proxy ch. 9 “Wheels are turning!!!”

qual(Tommy T-jet) Greetings Race Fans, Tommy T-jet here! Aurora is up in the air and Smokey is down on the ground. We’ll be taking over coverage of the 2nd Annual Dragon’s Tail Road Rally. Smokey, earlier this morning a drivers meeting was held. Any idea what that was about?

(Smokey) Well Tommy, another news source claimed that there was some trash talk going on between Rocket City Racing and Grand Sport Racing. Something about the graphic work on the Grand Sport Cheetah. So we thought that maybe this meeting was to calm everyone down, but these guys seem to be nothing but professional. This meeting was just simply to get everyone together to go over the rules for clarification.

qual2(Tommy)While the road crew does one more pass over the course, Smokey tell us what was touched on at the meeting.

(Smokey) Due to the extreme cold temperatures up here in the hills, each car will be allowed 2 minutes to warm up instead of the original 1 minute that was stated in the official rule book. After that, each car has time to adjust tire pressure, check gauges and tweak anything before their qualifying run.

All cars will make a 2 minute qualifying run. The car with the fastest lap from each team will move forward to the race. One car teams automatically qualify but will still have to make a qualifying run. During the race the cars will be sent out in the order of their qualifying times.

qual3(Tommy) Thanks Smokey. Looks like the track is ready and officials are calling for the first car. Up first, a pair of beauties from Karmann Ghia Racing stationed out of Stedman, NC. Hans Girlieman is behind the wheel of the two tone lt. blue and white #11. This team is new to the DT Road Rally.

(Smokey) Tommy, the air cooled cars are going to love this weather and the rear engine over the wheels should help with extra grip and handling…

And he’s off!!!

(Tommy)From up here in the tower it looks like that is an even running machine. Handling well and moving smoothly through the twists. Girlieman seems to be a little cautious. Maybe he’s not quite awake yet, but he should be pleased with this run.

(Smokey)Looks like we will have a little brotherly competition going on here folks! Next out of the gate is Franz Girlieman in the #31 VW Ghia.

(Tommy) Wow! Franz is not holding back! Like a hot knife through butter he’s making it look too easy.

(Smokey)Did you see that?!? He just thumbed his nose at his brother as he passed the pit area! The crowd is going wild down here. What a show!

(Tommy) Next up is another first timer to the Dragon’s Tail, team Outlaw Hippy Racing, also from NC?

qual4(Smokey) That’s right Tommy. Highpoint, NC. Guido DaBritt will be driving an unusual European hybrid, a Jagarri. Similar to Clemente Biondetti’s F1 car a few years back, looks like owner Sal Matthews combined the best bits of a Jaguar and Ferrari…   ooops.

(Tommy) What happened down there Smokey?!

(Smokey) Seems that first time driver DaBritt got a little nervous. or was it too much oil and garlic pasta with his tea and crumpets? either way he slipped the car into reverse and took out the head race marshal.

That was close. The marshal seems to be ok. Well Guido gets the green, grinds it into gear and gets off.

(Tommy) The Jagarri seems to be struggling a bit. Guido must have been shaken by the accident and is stressed to find the gears.

(Smokey) At the line is team mate Joe “the Roller” Bonez in a bright red Chaparral MKll. Not much is known about him but some of the drivers mentioned his questionable morals. Did something happen at the ceremonial dinner banquet last night? Aurora? you’ve been quiet today…qual5

(Aurora) Ah, no comment… But I have a good view of Mr. Bonez as he approaches the Backbone. Let’s just hope he performs better today than he did last night… looks like it’s about the same. The Chappy seems to be lacking any power.

(Tommy) Owner Dan “Dano” Cocke returns to the Dragon’s Tail after taking 2nd place last year. He has a new racing team, Nonesuch Racing and he is looking to take the top spot this year. Dano will be driving a ’68 Javelin and team mate Shorty Kowalski will pilot a ’67 Pontiac Firebird.

(Smokey) Looking at these fine machines, it’s hard to believe that they were saved from the crusher at a scrap yard in Nonesuch Kentucky. Here they are now brought back to life. I have a feeling that they are going to run as well as they look.qual6

(Tommy) Dan-o noticed some trouble with oil pressure during warm up, but now he seems to be moving comfortably through the course. Look at him slide into that turn! Nice run!

(Smokey)Off goes Shorty. Yes both of these cars are good runners. Their times will be close.

qual7(Aurora)We’ve been having a little difficulty up here in the copter, but I managed to snap a couple of shots of the Firebird. He’s really having some fun out there!

(Tommy)Grand Sport Racing returns to the Dragon’s Tail following a 4th place finish last year. Some of you might recognize this Cheetah from the motion picture, “Spin Out” starring Elvis. Jerry Titus is behind the wheel. Let’s hope he does better than he did at Riverside where he crashed at the end of the 1st lap.

qual8(Smokey) The Purple Cheetah is off. It doesn’t seem to have a lot of speed, but handles like a champ.

(Tommy) Maybe it’s handling those turns so effortlessly that it looks slow. The clock will let us know.  Titus is discussing his time now with the head marshal.

qual9(Smokey) Next up, the returning champ, Bubba behind the wheel of another Purple Camaro. Team Purple owner, William Milholen from Carrollton VA built this new beast with hopes of enlisting Mark Martin to drive, but it looks like that plan didn’t work out. It shouldn’t be an issue as Bubba did a fine job last year. As long as he steers clear of the burger stand he should have a good run. Pictures won’t do this car justice, it sparkles in the morning sun.

There he goes!!! A purple blur. I think He has more but perhaps he’s holding back and saving it for the race!

(Tommy) Let’s take a look at the leaderboard…  (X moves forward)

1 Team Name – Karmann Ghia Racing Owner – Tom Hobgood Stedman , NC
Driver Year/Model # Color
Car #1 Hans Girlieman 65 Karmann Ghia 11 Lt Blue/white qual
Car #2 Franz Girlieman 64 Karmann Ghia 31 Lt Blue qual
7.522 X


2 Team Name – Outlaw Hippy Racing Owner – Sal Matthews High Point, NC
Driver Year/Model # Color
Car #1


Guido Da Britt Jagarri GT250KE Pink qual
9.588 X
Car #2

Chappy Red

Joe “The Roller” Bonez Chappanel MKII Red qual


3 Team Name – Nonesuch Racing Owner – Dan Cocke Nonesuch, KY
Driver Year/Model # Color
Car #1 Dano owner/driver 1968 AMC Javelin 68 Lt Blue qual
8.314 X
Car #2 Shorty Kowalski 1967 Pontiac Firebird 7 White/black qual


4 Team Name – Grand Sport Racing Owner – Greg Carpenter Lexington, KY
Driver Year/Model # Color
Car #1 Jerry Titus 1964 Chevy Cheetah 2 Dk Purple qual
8.040 X


5 Team Name – Team Purple Owner – William Milholen Carrollton, VA
Driver Year/Model # Color
Car #1 Bubba 69 Camaro 6 Purple qual
8.225 X

qual11(Tommy) It looks like these cars will move forward to the race. Girlieman has the top time!

Karman Ghia Racing #31 Ghia    7.522

Grand Sport Racing #2 Cheetah                 8.040

Team Purple #6 Camaro                                8.225

Nonesuch Racing #68 Javelin      8.314

Outlaw Hippy Racing Jagarri         9.588

qual12(Smokey) That’s some close times. Next on deck we have some veteran car builders but new to the Dragon’s Tail. Also a couple of returning teams looking for another chance to try and tame the Dragon.

(Tommy) And now a word from our Sponsors!