DT 2016 proxy Ch. 15 – “The Grand Finale”

(Tommy) We are coming down to the wire race fans! The competition at the 2nd Annual Dragon’s Tail Road Rally has been fierce! Each one of these teams have come to race.

(Smokey) The lead has changed hands several times. Top runners have fallen to the bottom and mid pack contenders have clawed their way up through the competition. Just seconds and fractions of seconds separating each. Aurora how does the field look from above?ch15 1

(Aurora) We have a good view of the front runners now. Jerry Titus in the purple Cheetah of Grand Sport Racing has moved up to join the big boys and there is a four way combat going on. It’s almost too close to call. One tiny slip up will cost someone a spot on the podium.

(Tommy) Almost on cue, After clawing and biting his way up from the 9 spot to at one time the number one spot, Dano mis steers the King Pin curve and allows the Cheetah into the top three.

(Smokey) You can’t be too upset if you’re the Nonesuch Team. Dano ran a good race for them and that Javelin was impressive and seemed to be made for this track. He really cut through the herd to get up front. It just wasn’t meant to be today.

(Aurora) The Scud Missile makes a strong move on Girlieman in the V dub Ghia but the Girlieman Brothers manage to hold off the Asconi attack.ch15 2

(Smokey) They come in 1 – 2 – 3 – 4! Girlieman, Asconi, Titus, Dano

(Tommy) McLovin is still trying to hold off the V dub combo of Herbie and The Junkabilly Buggy to complete the top 5. They are right on his tail.

ch15 3(Smokey) Approaching the finish line, McLovin shouted, “Break Yourself Fool! and pumped his brakes. The driver of the blue Manx Dune buggy fell for the ruse and stopped suddenly, but Herbie’s quick reflexes averted the trap and went around. The Rocket City VW Beetle claims 5th!

(Tommy) Followed by McLovin in the Mustang and Carl Scarborough in the Buggy.ch15 4

(Smokey) Bubba turns in a good last effort, but his struggles with the new car in the middle of the race killed his attempt to defend his crown.

(Aurora) Max Creek continued to improve and his Ghia Jolene seemed to have more power this time around and handled the course well. It was hard for him to get a decent consistent run.ch15 8

(Smokey) The Strummer Racing Beetle limps in. It seems to have lost some power. Could be a valve problem.

(Tommy) Here comes the lavender dart from King Racing. Ted E. Baer struggled the entire race with tire issues. The car seemed to have plenty of power and it’s wide stance handled the twists well despite its higher profile.

(Smokey) And what can we say about Guido DaBritt in the Jagarri? He was all style and class!

(Tommy) Here’s the final board…

2016 Dragon’s Tail Road Rally

Standings after Heat 5 of 5

Driver/Car Team/Owner Heat1 Laps Heat2 Laps Heat3 Laps Heat4 Laps Heat 5 Laps/sec Total Laps/sec Movement This Heat Position at Start of Race
1 Franz Girlieman

Lt. blue ’64 VW Ghia

Karman Ghia Racing

owner Tom Hobgood

14 14 15 14 15.14 72.14 2
2 Roberto Asconi

Maroon ’64 Ferrari 330 P4

Scuderia Ferrari

owner Tom Bowman

15 12 15 15 15.10 72.10 +1 1
3 Jerry Titus

Purple ’64 Chevy Cheetah

Grand Sport Racing

owner Greg Carpenter

13 14 15 14 15.17 71.17 +1 4
4 Dano

Lt. blue ’68 AMC Javelin

Nonesuch Racing

owner Dan Cocke

15 13 14 15 14.14 71.14 -2 9
5 Herbie

White ’63 VW bug

Rocket City Racing

owner Dave Parker

13 13 14 14 14.15 68.15 +1 7
6 McLovin

Red ’65 Ford Mustang

Cornhusker Racing

owner Mark Boesen

13 13 14 14 13.15 67.15 -1 3
7 Carl Scarborough, Jr

Lt. blue ’65 Meyers Manx Buggy

Junkabilly Racing

owner Scott Scarboro

13 13 13 14 14.6 67.6 8
8 Bubba

Purple ’69 Chevy Camaro

Team Purple

owner William Milholen

13 12 12 14 13.21 64.21 6
9 Max Creek

White ’65 VW Karmann Ghia “Jolene”

South Shore Racing

owner Paul Ryer

12 12 12 13 13.1 62.1 10
10 Rick Von Wolfenstein

White ’65 VW Beetle

Strummer Racing

owner Harlan Welch-Scarboro

10 11 12 13 12.1 59.1 5
11 Ted E. Baer

Lavender ’69 Dodge Dart “Grape Deuce”

King Racing

owner Jeff King

11 10 13 11 10.19 55.19 11
12 Guido Da Britt

Pink Jagarri GT250KE

Outlaw Hippy Racing

owner Sal Matthews

11 9 10 11 10.2 51.2 12

ch15 9Well Fans, that concludes the 2nd Annual Dragon’s Tail Road Rally. At this time we’d like to Thank all of this year’s Sponsors for their show of support. Because of them, the racers will be richly rewarded for their efforts!

We’d also like to Thank all of the alternative stations that have helped in covering this year’s event. Their added coverage has

ch15 7

Concours d’elegance 1st place Tom Hobgood’s Ghia, 2nd Dave Parker’s Cobra, 3rd place Sal Mathews’ Jagarri and Harlan welch-Scarboro’s Hot Rod

helped in providing a bigger audience and greatly added to our fan base.

ch15 6

People’s Choice Awards 1st place Dave Parker’s Cobra and Tom Hobgood’s Ghia, 2nd Place William Milholen’s Camaro, 3rd Place Scott Scarboro’s Dune Buggy and Sal Mathews’ Jagarri

Thanks to the judges of the concourse and to the 109 folks that cast their vote for the “People’s Choice Award”.

And finally, on behalf of all of us here at The 2nd Annual Dragon’s Tail Road Rally We Thank the Fans. We really appreciate you tuning in to follow the race!!!