DT Proxy 2018 Ch. 3 Some Sponsors Roll In!

The weeks before race time are always exciting!  The town is busy making all of the final adjustments  before they lay down the red carpet welcoming all of the spectators and racers.  The buzz of anticipation is in the air wondering who will be the first team to arrive.  And one of our favorite signs that race season is upon us is when the Sponsors start rolling in!

School is out for the summer and the days are heating up.  The local tots are taking advantage of every shady spot and watering hole in town.  While a flock of “ducklings” were busy doing back flips off the diving board at the Siesta Motel’s pool, they saw a strange sight of several automobiles hovering above the tree tops.  With their young imaginations running wild with UFOs and anti-gravity beams, they rushed to the scene to find two semi trucks loaded down with some goodies from Jim’s Custom Rod Shop.





onestop2Speaking of watering holes,  Jerry Schmoyer owner of One Stop Slot Shop stopped by one of his favorite spots (say that 3 times fast) to take in the crashing waves by the boat house before dropping off his generous additions to the trophy pool.

jag2Some young kite enthusiasts taking advantage of the breeze up in the hills, spied another semi making the final turn of the Dragon’s Backbone.  It was none other than returning DT Sponsor, JAG Hobbies delivering some wonderful race rewards.super2

Near the humps, the Super Tires truck was held up in traffic as some good Samaritans helped the wiener mobile back on to the road after a little mishap.  Super Tires have been a great supporter of the DT Road Rally from the start.


First time Sponsor M.E.V. Originals was seen down on Main Street near section 28. While folks were visiting the Farmer’s Market,  Mike Vitale dropped off a 65 Skylark and a C type Jag along with some of their special chrome wheels.  It is fantastic to have M.E.V. Originals on board this year!


vip2Bright and early this morning there was quite the stir out at Riverbend Camp Grounds when someone started yelling,  “Snake, Snake, Snake!”  No cause for alarm, however.  It turned out to be another first time sponsor, Viper Scale Racing looking for directions to Race Headquarters in order to drop off some great race prizes.

There are several more Sponsors due to arrive in the next couple of weeks.   The DT race officials and Participants appreciate the enthusiastic continued support from the Sponsors.

If you’re a caster or maker of products for this hobby, it’s not too late to be part of the prize pool. Please contact the track if you would like to join the list of Sponsors.

Racers, while you make your final wrench turns and tweaks, don’t forget to visit the sponsors for those last minute parts.  And to all of the spectators out there,  when you’re looking for parts to help you go fast and stay on the road, think about this list of fine suppliers and mention the Dragon’s Tail!