DT Proxy 2018 Ch. 4       First of the Field!

hoslotz3It was a banner day!

Before the sun reached its peak in the sky, some volunteers  pitched in to erect the official DT Road Rally banner.  Local law enforcement had Main Street temporarily closed while the task took place.  Stopped in the traffic was another one of this year’s

sponsors,  HO SlotCarz.com.  Once the road was cleared, the delivery van was waved through to race headquarters to drop off another generous show of support from one of our Sponsors!

Just after lunch time, the first two teams arrived for this year’s Dragon’s Tail Road Rally. Outlaw Hippie Racing returns followed closely by Piston Slap Racing, the team newly resurrected  from the remains of the reigning DT champion outfit that recently secured sponsorship from Krispy Kreme and Texas Pete.

Both teams based in North Carolina, apparently met on the road,  the gauntlet was dropped and a little friendly wagering took place as to who would reach the track first.  It’s not clear what the winner receives, but perhaps Outlaw Hippie Racing is now the recipient of a lifetime supply of donuts and hot sauce!

first of field.jpgA crowd gathered and cameras clicked as the transporters backed into the pits.  Each team taking advantage of the two car rule,  so four machines were rolled off the ramps into the staging area.

Outlaw Hippie Racing’s team owner, Sal Matthews brought back a fan favorite and familiar sight, “Jagarrari” along with a colorful V dub beetle referred to as the “Flower Punch”.

Piston Slap Racing delivered a VW Ghia and a Beetle.  Both fine examples of what we have come to expect from the garage of  team owner, Tom Hobgood.

Race officials have received word that several more teams are en route and will arrive soon! Just 10 days away from the deadline.