DT Proxy 2018 Ch. 5 Sweet Sixteen


Lots of track side activity these last couple of days as several transporters rolled in to beat the deadline.  After all the teams unloaded and all the paperwork was filed, 16 teams made up of 27 entries journeyed to have their chance to slay the Dragon!

check out this year’s official race roster here.

Team Powell’s DQ’d Ford GT

Race officials examined each automobile and only one was found to be in clear violation of the car build rules. One from the pair of beautiful Ford GTs belonging to Team Powell was found to be equipped with illegal tires. Luckily the other GT passed the scrutiny and will go on to the race.  Several teams managed to stay within the gray areas, skirting the rules by taking full advantage of some loop holes.

Once again the field is a fine mix of machines; American metal, German, Japanese, Brit, Italian, customs. Air cooled, water cooled, self driving autonomous. First timers and repeat contenders!

Before they trade some paint on the track, let’s take a closer look at the entries.

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