Fastest Lap set again!!! chapter 11

1jagcobThis is Tommy T-Jet again. 4 more cars have finished their rounds on the Dragon’s Tail. Looks like we have another fastest time in.

(Smokey) The crowd is really enjoying themselves today. We have a new fastest lap from Team Jaguar at a 7.78. Grand Sport finishes with a very close 7.80. The teams are making it very exciting for the race fans. Here are the results for this group of cars.

Team Jaguar (Owner – Dan Cocke)

“Jag Boy” ’61 Jaguar XKE                             7.78

Dan-O   ’62 Jaguar XKE                                 8.40

Grand Sport Racing (Owner – Greg Carpenter)

Bart Essex ’65 Shelby Cobra                         7.80

James Buffet ’65 Ford Fastback                   8.50

(Tommy) Looks like Team Jaguar just edged out Grand Sport Racing. “Jag Boy” is real Jaguar specialist.

pwhitejagtrees(Aurora) Dan-O was on a real flying run today, but he did have one serious off into the trees. The car was unharmed and he was able to maintain his speed through the rest of the course.

(Tommy) Yes his time was not much behind his teammates. It would have been nice to see how close they were without that off.

(Smokey) The next three cars are ready to go.

1camtoygia(Tommy) Next up is Team Purple and Mongrel Racing. Team Purple is an outfit out of Virginia owned by William Milholen. To our understanding, they put all their manpower into building one car. It really shows in the chassis development. They are using a very experimental weighted low front end. We will have to see how this works out for them. Next we have Mongrel Racing out of Alabama. Team owner Rob Rose has entered two cars. Scooter Patrick will be driving a ’67 Toyota 2000 GT. At this time there are only 4 of these cars developed and not many spare aluminum bodies. They really need to keep this one on the track. His next car does not have a driver listing. Fans are referring to him as the “Stig”. He will be driving a ’69 VW Karmann Ghia. From what we understand this is a modified body of Rob’s own design.

(Smokey) All the cars are fueled and ready to go!

1camspin1toy(Aurora) The #1 ’69 Camaro has lots of wheel spin off the start, but looks good through the first corner. The driver Bubba is really putting that car through the paces.

(Smokey) The #33 Toyota also looks good out of the gates.


(Aurora) I have to break in here Smokey. That ’69 Camaro is putting on quite a spectacle. It is making huge leaps and bounds over and down the hills. If he can keep this up, he should really put a good time on the board.

(Smokey) The last car out is the special bodied Karman Ghia of Mongrel Racing.

(1ghiahillAurora) This is another fast car. This car is really handing the corners well. He is really having a hard time with that first hill though.

(Tommy) Well there is another great set of cars out. We will have to see if this group can set another record time.