Slight Snow Delay chapter 12

(Tommy) We had some snow run through a little while ago, but should be cleared up here shortly. Team Purple did make it in with some good times before the snow.

2bubba(Smokey) Obviously the course is really rubbering in. We have another fastest time from Team Purple. Bubba would be making it to the main event anyways, but he still put a show on for the fans. He made a lot of time through the hills with the experimental front end. We have other teams trying to get a view of the car, but Team Purple is really keeping it under wraps. Mongrel Racing’s times were very close, but the driver the fans have nicknamed as the “Stig” pulled out ahead of his teammate.

Team Purple (Owner – William Milholen)

Bubba       ’69 Camaro                                  7.36

Mongrel Racing (Owner – Rob Rose)

Scooter Patrick           ’67 Toyota 2000 GT   9.03

“Stig”                             ’69 Karmann Ghia     8.84

(Tommy) That is a blistering fast time from the ’69 Camaro. With the course cooling down, I don’t know if we will see another one like that today.

(Aurora) Yes Tommy, Bubba was really showing some driving skill today. He was really getting air born off the hill drop. The “Stig” was really showing his driving prowess today also, but was having a really hard time with those hills. He was really showing car control through those c2ploworners though.

(Tommy) This is some really good close racing again. Fans are really getting their money’s worth today.

(Smokey) The Marshalls have informed us that the course has been cleared of snow. The next three cars are ready to go.

23off(Tommy) Next up is Team Powell and Tigers 10-3. Team Powell is another Kentucky Team owned by Bill Powell. They will be qualifying only one of their two cars today. Smokey, do you have more on that?

(Smokey) Yes, there was some confusion in the home garage about which cars were to be shipped to this event. The ’67 Ferrari 330 P4 had a technical violation and will not be allowed to run. Lonso Ferrari will be going home today. Henry Ford will have an easy qualifying session piloting a ’67 Ford GT MK IV.

2threecarson(Tommy) We also have Tigers 10-3 going out today. Team owner is Rick Vanelli out of Mississippi. The drivers have been nicknamed the “Blues Brothers” by the fans. It is something to do with their musical talents that we have yet to confirm. The drivers are Scooter McGavin and Whitey Johnson.

(Smokey) Scooter McGavin will be driving car #3 which is a ’65 Ford Gt40. Whitey Johnson is here in a ’68 Ford Torino.

(Aurora) All three cars have been sent out at very close intervals to help make up time for the delay. All three seem to be doing very well.

(Tommy) We will have to see how the weather will be affecting timing. Another good group goes out!