2016 DT Proxy Ch.8 – “Busy Day at the Track”

1checkinOnce the trailers and transporters rolled in, the cars were carefully unloaded and then led to the garage for tech.  Race officials went over this year’s entries with a fine tooth comb looking for any infractions.  There were plenty of creative interpretations of the gray areas of the car build rules but only one car was found to be a clear case for Disqualification.  The sleek Mako Shark of Cornhusker Racing tried to slip by inspection but was discovered to be equipped with illegal tires.

After all the registrations and assessments, 12 teams with 18 cars made the cut to participate in the 2nd Annual Dragon’s Tail Road Rally. The group is made up of a mix bag of machines from American metal, European hybrids and California fiberglass. Team owners represent 8 different states and feature DTRR returning participants and first timers!

Here is the official 2016 DTRR Race Roster

Advance Ticket holders of 2016 DTRR (Facebook) were privy to a raffle which will be decided later today. One lucky spectator will get to take home their very own Squash Bug from DTRR sponsor HOSlotCarz.com.

20160215_221909 20160215_221921Aurora reported for duty today and went up in the Bell copter to captured a few shots. After a brief drivers meeting the cars will report to the grid for establishing qualifying times.