2016 DT proxy Ch. 12 “Battle Stations”

ch12 2 ch12 1ch12 3(Tommy) Welcome back to 2nd Annual Dragon’s Tail Road Rally!  If you are just joining us, there is a little break in the competition as we wait for the sun to dry out the track. Race Officials finally put a halt to the action when the rain started coming down making road conditions unsafe.

(Smokey) Tommy the course might be quiet for the time being, but there is plenty of activity in the pits.  Officials gave the thumbs up to racing teams and will allow them to work on their cars.

(Tommy) That’s good Smokey.  The poor weather was really starting to influence the performance.  It will be interesting to see how each team adapts.

(Smokey) Team Karmann Ghia came well equipped to race.  The Girlieman brothers have decided to swap out the wet tires for some fresh rubber.

ch12 5Dano was pleased with how his Javelin was performing so he is just resting up for the battle ahead.  He was staring daggers at the driver of the maroon Ferrari trying to psych out Roberto Asconi.  The driver for Team Scuderia Ferrari didn’t seem to be bothered by it.  He was last seen walking off towards the Burgerjoint in search of some cornetto… Interesting. As he walked past the grandstands a chant broke out “Scud, Scud, Scud, Scud”.

(Tommy) Scud? I don’t follow…

(Smokey) It took me a while too.  It’s short for Scuderia, as in Scuderia Ferrari.  The crowd has taken to referring to his car as “The Scud Missile”.

ch12 4(Tommy) Ah, I see.  Is he the crowd favorite?

(Smokey) We did take some time and poll the crowd and there is a large camp that is cheering for him, but honestly there seems to be a lot of favorites and at this point it could be anybody’s race and anything could happen.  Look at what happened to the ch12 6Strummer Racing Team for instance. They started out in the top 5 and dropped considerably because of the foggy windshield. Hopefully they were able to reattach the heater hoses to get some of the hot air off of the engine up to the front glass.  There are also some reports that Von Wolfenstein had stepped in something in the Burgerjoint parking lot and his shoes were sticky.ch12 7

(Tommy) When it rains, it pours… What was the commotion in the pits around McLovin from Cornhusker Racing?

(Smokey) The officials were questioning the authenticity of his driver’s license of all things, but he was able to convince them that he was indeed a 25 yr old organ donor from Hawaii as his Driver’s license suggests.

ch12 8(Tommy) Glad we got that cleared up.

(Smokey) South Shore Racing is busy siphoning the bad gas out of Jolene the white Ghia…

(Aurora) Excuse me Smokey, speaking of clearing up… It looks like the weather is starting to clear and officials have given a 10 minute warning.  Looks like there is some scrambling going on in the pits as racers have to get their cars back in order.  Roberto Asconi nearly fell down running back from the restaurant.  He is scheduled first to go out in the “Scud Missile” Ferrari.

(Smokey) Yes, The drivers are getting geared up and the race marshals are releasing the cars in the order that they came in before the rain delay. There’s the green flag!

(Tommy) Looks like the course may still be a little wet in areas. All the cars are now out.

(Aurora) The maroon Ferrari seems to be slowing some in tch12 9he straights.

(Smokey) Yes, Driver Roberto Asconi keeps looking down at his shoes. Perhaps he stepped in something in the parking lot too, sticky shoes.

(Tommy) Dano in the Javelin makes a big move before the turn to Drawbridge Road with the Girlieman Ghia drafting close behind. WOW! Both make a clean pass of the Ferrari!

ch12 10(Aurora) There’s a serious battle going on in the hills between McLovin in the red Mustang and Jerry Titus in the purple Cheetah. McLovin is trying to hold the Cheetah off. They are in the s curves, Titus fakes left and goes right. He ignores the curves and drives straight, leaving the Mustang behind!

(Tommy) Great driving! The shortest distance between points A and B is a straight line and Titus found it!

ch12 11(Smokey) Bubba is trying awfully hard to get to the front but found a puddle and slid into the trees. Help is on the scene but the ground is pretty soft. Herbie and Scarborough in the dune buggy were going to stop to lend a hand but the marshals waved them on.

(Aurora) Max Creek has Jolene running better but there still might be some water in the fuel lines.ch12 12

(Tommy) Ted E. Baer in the Dodge Dart of King Racing is having a fun time hydroplaning. Those tires must be really wet.

Strummer Racing’s VW Bug gets by the Jaggarri because Guido DaBritt was too busy checking out the wet T-shirt contest that just broke out in the stands.

On that note, we’ll take a break for a word from our sponsors.

Here’s where things stand

2016 Dragon’s Tail Road Rally Standings after Heat 2 of 5
Driver/Car Team/Owner Heat 1 Laps Heat 2 Laps Total Laps Movement This Heat Position at Start of Race
1 Dano

Lt. blue ’68 AMC Javelin

Nonesuch Racing

owner Dan Cocke

15 13 28 +1 9
2 Franz Girlieman

Lt. blue ’64 VW Ghia

Karman Ghia Racing

owner Tom Hobgood

14 14 28 +1 2
3 Roberto Asconi

Maroon ’64 Ferrari 330 P4

Scuderia Ferrari

owner Tom Bowman

15 12 27 -2 1
4 Jerry Titus

Purple ’64 Chevy Cheetah

Grand Sport Racing

owner Greg Carpenter

13 14 27 +1 4
5 McLovin

Red ’65 Ford Mustang

Cornhusker Racing

owner Mark Boesen

13 13 26 -1 3
6 Herbie

White ’63 VW bug

Rocket City Racing

owner Dave Parker

13 13 26 +1 7
7 Carl Scarborough, Jr

Lt. blue ’65 Meyers Manx Buggy

Junkabilly Racing

owner Scott Scarboro

13 13 26 +1 8
8 Bubba

Purple ’69 Chevy Camaro

Team Purple

owner William Milholen

13 12 25 -2 6
9 Max Creek

White ’65 VW Karmann Ghia “Jolene”

South Shore Racing

ownerPaul Ryer

12 12 24 10
10 Ted E. Baer

Lavender ’69 Dodge Dart “Grape Deuce”

King Racing

owner Jeff King

11 10 21 11
11 Rick Von Wolfenstein

White ’65 VW Beetle

Strummer Racing

owner Harlan Welch-Scarboro

10 11 21 +1 5
12 Guido Da Britt

Pink Jaggarri GT250KE

Outlaw Hippy Racing

owner Sal Matthews

11 9 20 -1 12