2016 DT Proxy Ch. 13 “A new King of the Hill”

(Tommy) Welcome Back Race Fans! We have had an exciting first two legs of the 2nd Annual Dragon’s Tail Road Rally. When we started the qualifying runs we knew that we were going to have a much more even and faster race than last year’s with just fractions of a second separating each car.

(Smokey) That’s right Tommy, compared to last year, these cars are all very equally matched, the ones trailing are only doing so because their tires are not liking the road surface or they’ve had a few unlucky episodes. There is plenty of speed and they all seem to be handling the twists very well.

(Tommy) Smokey some of the drivers seem to be taming the Backbone better than others. What is the key there?

ch13 1(Smokey) Right again Tommy. For those of you unfamiliar with the Backbone, it is a winding twisting part of the course made up of a series of little hills or humps. If the driver is not careful it is easy to become air born and your landing is not always good to you. Tommy, the keys to the Backbone are momentum, rhythm and coast. Get enough speed, lay off of the gas, put in the clutch and float over the humps.

(Tommy) Aurora has a view of a few of the cars that have really mastered that technique. Thanks Aurora for that shot. What is another problematic spot on this course?

(Smokey) Well Tommy, they don’t call this the Dragon’s Tail for nothing and the Backbone to the tail that sort of whips you around to the main drag is certainly the most challenging, but another trouble spot is up at Castle Mountain and then that sudden drop down to King Pin Curve. There’s a blind spot there and if you are not careful, when you hop down to the foot hills it’s easy to find yourself in a problematic situation.

ch13 2(Tommy) Thanks Smokey. Now let’s check out some more action. Before the last commercial break we saw the Nonesuch Racing Javelin and the Girlieman Ghia steal the lead from Asconi in the maroon Ferrari while he had some issues with his shoes. He seems to have scraped off whatever was troubling him and is now trying to get that lead back. The three leaders are now approaching that tricky area of the drop down from the mountains that Smokey was talking about. Roberto Asconi makes a risky move on the Javelin. Dano tries to counter! They get tangled up in the foothills and Girlieman steers clear and passes them both! Wow! A third lead change! What did we tell you folks?!? These cars are evenly match. It is a battle out there.

from the newly installed dashcam inside the Cheetah

(Aurora) Ah, Tommy. Smokey. It doesn’t look like we are finished yet. That purple Cheetah from Grand Sport Racing has managed to put some distance between it and the red Cornhusker Mustang and now seems to be setting its sights on the big three up front!

(Smokey) Awesome. Yes, the Cheetah has already shown its agility in that crazy maneuver it pulled in order to pass the Mustang. Jerry Titus is not ready to go home yet and he is planning to bring it on. I don’t know if the leading three have been looking in their rear view mirrors but if they did, they would see a blur of purple.ch13 5ch13 4

(Tommy) McLovin in the Cornhusker Racing Mustang has found a new threat. The VW club made up of Herbie from Rocket City Racing and the Junkabilly Dune Buggy are in hot pursuit.

(Aurora) Bubba is out of the trees and back on the course. He is not happy with his attempts to defend his throne but right now he has other things to worry about…

(Smoke) Like that tenacious female “Jolene” the South Shore Racing Ghia. She’s wanting to join up with her V dub brethren and that purple Camaro is the only thing standing in her way.ch13 6

(Tommy) Ted E. Baer in the purple Dart for King Racing turns in his best performance yet. Maybe his tires have dried out.

The Strummer Racing VW Beetle continues to climb back after it’s unfortunate foggy mountain glass experience.

ch13 7(Smokey) In the Jaggarri of Outlaw Hippy Racing, despite his lackluster performance Guido DaBritt looks Great and was heard saying, “Mama Mia, I’m having a Bloody Good time!”

(Tommy) Here’s where things stand…

2016 Dragon’s Tail Road Rally

Standings after Heat 3 of 5

Driver/Car Team/Owner Heat 1 Laps Heat 2 Laps Heat 3 Laps Total Laps Movement This Heat Position at Start of Race
1 Franz Girlieman

Lt. blue ’64 VW Ghia

Karman Ghia Racing

owner Tom Hobgood

14 14 15 43 +1 2
2 Dano

Lt. blue ’68 AMC Javelin

Nonesuch Racing

owner Dan Cocke

15 13 14 42 -1 9
3 Roberto Asconi

Maroon ’64 Ferrari 330 P4

Scuderia Ferrari

owner Tom Bowman

15 12 15 42 1
4 Jerry Titus

Purple ’64 Chevy Cheetah

Grand Sport Racing

owner Greg Carpenter

13 14 15 42 4
5 McLovin

Red ’65 Ford Mustang

Cornhusker Racing

owner Mark Boesen

13 13 14 40 5
6 Herbie

White ’63 VW bug

Rocket City Racing

owner Dave Parker

13 13 14 40 7
7 Carl Scarborough, Jr

Lt. blue ’65 Meyers Manx Buggy

Junkabilly Racing

owner Scott Scarboro

13 13 13 39 8
8 Bubba

Purple ’69 Chevy Camaro

Team Purple

owner William Milholen

13 12 12 37 6
9 Max Creek

White ’65 VW Karmann Ghia “Jolene”

South Shore Racing

ownerPaul Ryer

12 12 12 36 10
10 Ted E. Baer

Lavender ’69 Dodge Dart “Grape Deuce”

King Racing

owner Jeff King

11 10 13 34 11
11 Rick Von Wolfenstein

White ’65 VW Beetle

Strummer Racing

owner Harlan Welch-Scarboro

10 11 12 33 5
12 Guido Da Britt

Pink Jaggarri GT250KE

Outlaw Hippy Racing

owner Sal Matthews

11 9 11 31 12