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2016 DT Proxy Ch.6 “Hot Dog!!! 4 more Sponsors arrive”

About lunch time today, some folks decided to check out the Wiener Mobile that happened to be parked at the Siesta Motel. Heads turned when unexpectedly a thunderous commotion came barreling  down Main Street! Not one, but 4 trucks came racing through town.

hd4Leading the pack was a blue delivery van from One Stop Slot Shop. It was full of good stuff to help the racer run smooth and stay in the groove.

A close second was a JAG Hobbies semi toting a trailer filled with some fine racing apparel, a special racing engine and car bodies.hd3

Speaking of car bodies, the next truck following closely was packing some serious custom bodies from Jim’s Custom Rod Shop.

hd5The 4th truck was a beautiful metallic green machine. When the boys went to unload its loot, it was found to be empty inside. Then the driver stuck out his hand and waved a pink piece of paper. The truck was the loot! Some lucky participant of the Dragon’s Tail Road Rally will win the pink slip of this official racing center truck from HO Models.

HO Models

HO Models







2016 DT Proxy Ch. 5 “Something Hot for Air cooled”

vdub1The local chapter of the Air-cooled Car Club was enjoying some unseasonably warm weather at Hot Breath Springs this morning when a glorious site came lumbering down the foothills of Castle Mountain.


Perched on top of a car carrier were several of those custom Squash Bug bodies that everyone has been talking about! Beautifully chopped and dropped specimens by the hands of Tom Hobgood master craftsman of Local sources confirm that some very lucky participants of the Dragon’s Tail Road Rally will receive one of these rare V dub gems.

vdub3Just as the hub bub of excitement was dying down about the new sponsor’s arrival, another truck came down the foothills and swung carefully around King-pin curve. Jaws dropped. The two sleek Karmann Ghias riding comfortably on the back of the truck were also from the garage of HOSlotCarz.



Squash bugs from HO

Squash Bugs from










2016 DT Proxy Ch. 4 “Bodies, Decals and Oil… Oh my!”

3 More Sponsors come to town!  Other than the the fun and glory of racing in the Dragon’s Tail Road Rally, fantastic prizes are another perk for participating, and this year is no exception!  As the sponsors deliveries start to roll in, it is obvious that the brave souls that choose to race the Dragon’s Tail will be well rewarded!

9train1Homer and Spike had just finished doing some routine maintenance on the rails this morning, when they heard the Ol’ Cannonball steaming along right behind them! They managed to get the little hand pump trolley out of the way just in the nick of time to see the black engine speed by towing a 9train2long line of enclosed auto racks with the 9 Finger Hobbies logo stamp upon their sides.  Just like last year, DT Race Headquarters had to be careful unloading as the contents were packed so plentiful that they nearly tumbled out.


cnrvanOver by the Riverbend Campground a bright yellow van stopped for some cowboy coffee and s’mores (and directions) then headed to DT race HQ to drop off some decals and race apparel from C & R Racing.   If your car’s not fast, at least you can look fast with these generous donations from this returning sponsor!

habbyoilDragon’s Tail Race Headquarters was very pleased to see a first time sponsor, Habby’s HO Slot Car Lube Shop!   We were pleased not only because they offer “two products that no HO slot car racer’s pit box should be without”, but also because last year they had a little bit of trouble getting to the track.  Glad you arrived safely this year Habby!

Much Thanks to our Sponsors!!!

We will keep you posted as more news develops!




2016 DT Proxy – Ch. 3 “Super Tires roll in”

stires2016proxy1Earlier today, local officials received a call that there was some trouble up at Castle Mountain.  Some ice and snow came tumbling down, blocking all traffic lanes and trapping road travelers. Among the distressed vehicles was a white behemoth monster of a truck wearing a familiar logo of red, white and blue,  Super Tires!!!

stires2016proxy2Road crews quickly came to the rescue and cleared the road. The enormous truck rolled into town with none other than Super Tires co owner, Sandy behind the wheel. She was here to deliver a very generous supply of their super fine products as a return sponsor of the Dragon’s Tail Road Rally. Super Tires are wonderful for getting good traction and great handling performance (both 20160124_125236are important on the DT ). In fact it is rumored that several cars utilized Super Tires last year including the 2015 Dragon’s Tail Road Rally winner!

Excitement is in the air now that the first sponsor has rolled into town!





2016 DT Proxy – Ch. 1 “The Town gets Ready”

The racing teams are not the only ones working with the approaching deadline of Feb. 12th.

The little town has plenty of work ahead to make sure the event runs smoothly and to welcome the racers to the 2nd Annual Dragon’s Tail Road Rally Proxy.  


Crew puts finishing touches on newly installed bleachers

With the expected growth of spectators to this year’s race, the Mayor approved some additional funds for the construction of bleachers. No more sitting on hay bales and make-shift platforms to see your favorite Racers speed off from the start line!

Much work has gone into repaving the road surface and filling pot holes. We can’t have those fine tuned machines loosing valuable seconds on a sloppy track.

Traffic was stopped momentarily while the race banner was hung.

Traffic was stopped momentarily while the race banner was hung.

And you know it’s Race Time when they hang the Official Race Banner!!!

Deadline for cars to arrive at the track is a little less than 4 weeks away!

Dragon’s Tail Proxy update

2nd Annual DT Proxy deadline to enter Feb. 12

“… The first one was very good, and the prizes were amazing.  Well worth participating for that alone!”    – slotbubba from Slot Car Illustrated Forum

Returning to sponsor in 2016, C & R Racing Decals, Super Tires, BRP, HO Models, 9 Finger Hobbies and Bubba’s Race Car Shells have already contacted the track!

Habby’s Oil will offer some fine lube products and Rumor has it that HO Slotcarz will offer up a few of these exclusive Squash Bugs as prizes!!!




2nd Annual Dragon’s Tail Proxy


William Milholen’s 1969 Camaro leaping to victory in the 2015 DT proxy.

We are Pleased to announce the 2nd Annual Dragon’s Tail Proxy!

All the info you need to know to get into the action can be found right here.

Deadline for cars to arrive at the track… February 12, 2016

There are a few changes in the car build rules, so be sure to read them closely.

We are looking forward to seeing what arrives at the track!