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Slight Snow Delay chapter 12

(Tommy) We had some snow run through a little while ago, but should be cleared up here shortly. Team Purple did make it in with some good times before the snow.

2bubba(Smokey) Obviously the course is really rubbering in. We have another fastest time from Team Purple. Bubba would be making it to the main event anyways, but he still put a show on for the fans. He made a lot of time through the hills with the experimental front end. We have other teams trying to get a view of the car, but Team Purple is really keeping it under wraps. Mongrel Racing’s times were very close, but the driver the fans have nicknamed as the “Stig” pulled out ahead of his teammate.

Team Purple (Owner – William Milholen)

Bubba       ’69 Camaro                                  7.36

Mongrel Racing (Owner – Rob Rose)

Scooter Patrick           ’67 Toyota 2000 GT   9.03

“Stig”                             ’69 Karmann Ghia     8.84

(Tommy) That is a blistering fast time from the ’69 Camaro. With the course cooling down, I don’t know if we will see another one like that today.

(Aurora) Yes Tommy, Bubba was really showing some driving skill today. He was really getting air born off the hill drop. The “Stig” was really showing his driving prowess today also, but was having a really hard time with those hills. He was really showing car control through those c2ploworners though.

(Tommy) This is some really good close racing again. Fans are really getting their money’s worth today.

(Smokey) The Marshalls have informed us that the course has been cleared of snow. The next three cars are ready to go.

23off(Tommy) Next up is Team Powell and Tigers 10-3. Team Powell is another Kentucky Team owned by Bill Powell. They will be qualifying only one of their two cars today. Smokey, do you have more on that?

(Smokey) Yes, there was some confusion in the home garage about which cars were to be shipped to this event. The ’67 Ferrari 330 P4 had a technical violation and will not be allowed to run. Lonso Ferrari will be going home today. Henry Ford will have an easy qualifying session piloting a ’67 Ford GT MK IV.

2threecarson(Tommy) We also have Tigers 10-3 going out today. Team owner is Rick Vanelli out of Mississippi. The drivers have been nicknamed the “Blues Brothers” by the fans. It is something to do with their musical talents that we have yet to confirm. The drivers are Scooter McGavin and Whitey Johnson.

(Smokey) Scooter McGavin will be driving car #3 which is a ’65 Ford Gt40. Whitey Johnson is here in a ’68 Ford Torino.

(Aurora) All three cars have been sent out at very close intervals to help make up time for the delay. All three seem to be doing very well.

(Tommy) We will have to see how the weather will be affecting timing. Another good group goes out!

Fastest Lap set again!!! chapter 11

1jagcobThis is Tommy T-Jet again. 4 more cars have finished their rounds on the Dragon’s Tail. Looks like we have another fastest time in.

(Smokey) The crowd is really enjoying themselves today. We have a new fastest lap from Team Jaguar at a 7.78. Grand Sport finishes with a very close 7.80. The teams are making it very exciting for the race fans. Here are the results for this group of cars.

Team Jaguar (Owner – Dan Cocke)

“Jag Boy” ’61 Jaguar XKE                             7.78

Dan-O   ’62 Jaguar XKE                                 8.40

Grand Sport Racing (Owner – Greg Carpenter)

Bart Essex ’65 Shelby Cobra                         7.80

James Buffet ’65 Ford Fastback                   8.50

(Tommy) Looks like Team Jaguar just edged out Grand Sport Racing. “Jag Boy” is real Jaguar specialist.

pwhitejagtrees(Aurora) Dan-O was on a real flying run today, but he did have one serious off into the trees. The car was unharmed and he was able to maintain his speed through the rest of the course.

(Tommy) Yes his time was not much behind his teammates. It would have been nice to see how close they were without that off.

(Smokey) The next three cars are ready to go.

1camtoygia(Tommy) Next up is Team Purple and Mongrel Racing. Team Purple is an outfit out of Virginia owned by William Milholen. To our understanding, they put all their manpower into building one car. It really shows in the chassis development. They are using a very experimental weighted low front end. We will have to see how this works out for them. Next we have Mongrel Racing out of Alabama. Team owner Rob Rose has entered two cars. Scooter Patrick will be driving a ’67 Toyota 2000 GT. At this time there are only 4 of these cars developed and not many spare aluminum bodies. They really need to keep this one on the track. His next car does not have a driver listing. Fans are referring to him as the “Stig”. He will be driving a ’69 VW Karmann Ghia. From what we understand this is a modified body of Rob’s own design.

(Smokey) All the cars are fueled and ready to go!

1camspin1toy(Aurora) The #1 ’69 Camaro has lots of wheel spin off the start, but looks good through the first corner. The driver Bubba is really putting that car through the paces.

(Smokey) The #33 Toyota also looks good out of the gates.


(Aurora) I have to break in here Smokey. That ’69 Camaro is putting on quite a spectacle. It is making huge leaps and bounds over and down the hills. If he can keep this up, he should really put a good time on the board.

(Smokey) The last car out is the special bodied Karman Ghia of Mongrel Racing.

(1ghiahillAurora) This is another fast car. This car is really handing the corners well. He is really having a hard time with that first hill though.

(Tommy) Well there is another great set of cars out. We will have to see if this group can set another record time.

Crowd goes Wild chapter 10

Tommy here once again. We have Red Bull Racing and King Racing entering the pits. What’s the news Smokey?

10crowdaston(Smokey) I don’t know if you can hear it from where you are, but the crowd is going wild. We have a new fastest lap from King Racing at an 8.86. That narrowly beats out the 8.88 from the ’65 Mustang of team Austin. Here are the results from Red Bull Racing and King Racing.

Red Bull Racing (Owner – Alan Van Doren)

David Coulthard ’59 Austin Mini                  9.51

Mark Donohue     ’68 Rally Sport Camaro   9.51

King Racing (Owner – Jeff King)

Jo King   BRP Aston Martin DB5                   8.86

10marshalconf2(Tommy) Those are some good runs. Wait a minute Smokey, do we have a tie for Red Bull Racing?

(Smokey) Well, the Marshalls are already discussing it. David is already listed as the victor of the two, so let me get confirmation… Yes Tommy, David did take the Qualifying run for Team Red Bull. Timing and Scoring apparently has a tighter timing result than what is posted.

(Tommy) So we have some really close battles already. I hate to see Mark go home with such a close run.   So it will be the ’59 Austin Mini and BRP Aston Martin DB5 moving to the final race.

next4jagsport(Smokey) Hey Tommy, I am down here with the next 4 cars ready to go out.

(Tommy) Next up is Team Jaguar and Grand Sport Racing. Both teams have been here at the Dragon’s Tail before. Both Teams are out of Kentucky and show up at many venues together. Team Jaguar is owned by Dan Cocke and is known for really pulling some power out of his motors. Grand Sport Racing is owned by Greg Carpenter who owns Grand Sport Speedway. Having their own track allows the team to really tune their chassis. They always show great handling out of the 10redjagoffGrand Sport Team.

(Smokey) I have Driver “Jag Boy” in a 1961 Jaguar XKE #33. This is a light weight special developed by Team Jaguar especially for this event. “Jag Boy” says he got this nickname from his dad. These are the only cars he drives. He is on his way.10redjagincurves(Aurora) That Jaguar is on a blistering pace. It looks like we have a good contender for the lead.

whitejagoff(Smokey) We have another sleek looking Jaguar down here. Car #50 is a white 1962 Jaguar. It is driven by Hawaiian native Dan-o. He must have had a lot of practice running around those twisting roads on the main island. He’s off.10wtjagslide

(Aurora) This is another fast car. It looks like a massive power slide through turn one but well controlled.

10cobraoff(Smokey) Up next for Grand Sport Racing is a ’65 Shelby Cobra. Bart10cobraturn Essex is listed as the driver. We are not sure if he has any affiliation with the car sponsor Essex Wire. Car #91 is fast into turn one.

(Aurora) We have another fast one. Looks like we have a strong running group out this time.

10orangeoff(Smokey) The last car up is a ’65 Ford Mustang. The driver of this orange beast is James Buffet. Someone said he is possibly from Margaritaville.

10orangegreensky(Aurora) We shouldn’t have a hard time following this orange car. It really contrasts the green foliage from up here. I think we may have a new fastest time out of this group.

(Tommy) Well the next 4 cars are underway. It will be interesting to see what times this group yields.

First Four Qualifiers chapter 8

Tommy Tjet with the latest news from the Dragon’s Tail. Cold weather and cold tires are what the teams will have to deal with today. Race control is sending teams off 4 cars at a time in 2 minute intervals. The first teams out are Glimmer Twins Racing (Owner Al Perschilli) and Team Austin (Owner Don Pearson). The Glimmer Team appears to be a V8 specialist shop out of Rhode Island known for producing smooth running engines. Team Austin is headquartered in New Hampshire and will work on anything you bring into the shop. Let’s go to Aurora in the “eye in the sky”.qlinesky

(Aurora) Hi Tommy. This new helicopter is going to be great. We are getting ready to watch the first cars out of the gate. With all the corners in the Dragon’s Tail we will be able to keep a good view of all 4 cars in the first session.

(Tommy)q55smokey Good to hear. Smokey has come to join us today from down in the pits.

(Smokey) Hi Tommy…Aurora! All the teams are running frantic trying to get last second preparations in as the first car is going out. I have here Mac driving the number #92 Chevy. How are you feeling Mac?

qcrowd(Mac) The exhilaration is unreal. I am so psyched that all these sponsors and drivers have come together to make such a wonderful event happen. I want to thank the host and townspeople for all their generosity over the last couple of days.

(Smokey) Any concerns?

(Mac) Not really. We had a pretty long delay, but the Glimmer Twins Racing ’55 Chevy seems to be up to the task.

(q55curvesSmokey) That is all I have for you Tommy. I have been instructed to move away from the grid. Mac was given the 1 minute countdown for the start of the first Dragon’s Tail Rally.


(Aurora) We have the ’55 Chevy with a blistering start. He appears to be cautious through the first set of corners.

qferoff(Smokey) Hey Tommy. I am here with Mr. Myer who is driving the #5 Ferrari for Glimmer Twins Racing. He tells me that he and Mack are new to the racing scene. They just responded to a want ad for driver’s needed. They are just two handy men with a little driving experience. And he is offfff!

qaustinoverhead(Aurora) We have the #5 Ferrari off to a start. He looks a little sluggish, but the new driver in the Ferrari may be taking it easy.

(Tommy) It looks like we have Team Austin up next.

(Smokey) Yes we have The Gray Ghost driving a ’65 Mustang. Not much is known about this driver. Whoa!!!! Did you see that?

qtangoff(Aurora) Yes Smokey! That mustang really launched off the start. For a second there I thought I was at a Drag Strip. Looking good going into the first corner.

q37off(Smokey) Next we have a ’37 Chevy out from Team Austin. Drivers are listed as Bonnie and Clyde. They are on their way.

(Tommy) First four cars are off. We will keep everyone updated as news comes in. Tommy signing off.

“Qualifying” chapter 7

Delay, delay, delay, snow, go, go ,go!

Tommy Tjet here. Race fans, we have breaking news. After long delays, we have heard from Aurora that the teams are scattering the pits. What is the news Aurora?

(Aurora) Yes Tommy, it is pretty frantic down here. The Dragon’s Tail has been delayed because of problems with a new timing system that was installed for the event. Speedy Van Doren arrived early this morning via air from Freeman Field with the timing system used at last Carrera races. With a little manipulation, it is streaming in all the data needed for qualifying.

(Tommy) This is good news for the teams. What is with all the upheaval in the pits?

Glimmer Twins Racing first team out of the gates

Glimmer Twins Racing first team out of the gates

(Aurora) There seems to be an issue with the weather. It appears that snow is on the way for the weekend.

(Tommy) I guess we will have to wait to get any qualifying in.

(Aurora) No, it is the exact opposite Tommy. All teams have been instructed to get to the grid immediately. Qualifying starts now.

(Tommy)When should the teams be ready?

(Aurora) Ready? Glimmer Twins Racing is already staged. Mac in the #92 55 Chevy is away………

Concours d’Elegance finalists

The panel of judges have chosen these cars as the concourse finalists.  From this group, The judges will choose three cars as the Dragon’s Tail concourse grand prize winners.

The public is invited to vote for the People’s Choice Award. After viewing the concourse finalist photo gallery, scroll down below to place your vote. You can vote only once!

Vote for the TDT Proxy People’s Choice Award


Tech Time at The Dragon’s Tail

The official tech team arrived and immediately went to inspecting the cars.  They went over each entry top to bottom.  After some discussion and deliberation on the car build rules, one vehicle was found to be in violation and was disqualified from the race.  The Ferrari from Team Powell was sporting illegal tires and other parts.  It seems there was a mix up at the shop and the wrong chassis was loaded on to the transport. An unfortunate outcome, but the team still has one entry in the race.  Several other cars came close to a DQ as some of the teams were creative with rule interpretation.  Leave it to racers to always push the envelope…Let’s Race!

Official Race Roster Released!

The race organizers have released the official roster for the inaugural Dragon’s Tail Road Rally.  16 teams from 10 different states.  (to open as a word doc proxy roster2015  )

2015 Dragon’s Tail Proxy List

1 Team Name – Glimmer Twins Racing Owner – Al Perschilli Harrisville, RI
Driver Year/Model # Color
Car #1 Mac 55 Chevy 92 white
Car #2 & Mire for hire Ferrari 5 red
2 Team Name – Austin Owner – Don Pearson Merrimack, NH
Driver Year/Model # Color
Car #1 The Gray Ghost 1965 Mustang 16 dark blue
Car #2 Bonnie and Clyde 1937 Chevy na black
3 Team Name – Red Bull Racing Owner – Alan Van Doren Seymour, IN
Driver Year/Model # Color
Car #1Rothman David Coulthard 1959 Austin Mini 23 dark blue
Car #2Penske Mark Donahue 1968 Rally Sport Chevy Camaro 6 blue
4 Team Name – King Racing Owner – Jeff King Latrobe, PA
Driver Year/Model # Color
Car #1 Jo King BRP-Aston Martin DB5 8 forest green
5 Team Name – Team Jaguar Owner – Dan Cocke Versailles, KY
Driver Year/Model # Color
Car #1XKE-1 Jag Boy 1961 J. XKE 33 red
Car #2XKE 1 1/2 Dan-o 1962 J. XKE 1 1/2 50 white
6 Team Name – Grand Sport Racing Owner – Greg Carpenter Lexington, KY
Driver Year/Model # Color
Car #1Essex Wire Cobra 1 Bart Essex 1965 Shelby cobra 91 white w/ black stripe
Car #2Orange Peel Special James Buffet 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback 1 orange
7 Team Name – Team purple Owner – William Milholen Carrollton, VA
Driver Year/Model # Color
Car #1 Bubba 1969 Camaro 1 purple
8 Team Name – Mongrel Racing Owner – Rob Rose Huntsville, AL
Driver Year/Model # Color
Car #1 Scooter Patrick(Carol Shelby Team) 1967 Toyota 2000 GT 33 white and blue
Car #2 1969 VW Karmann Ghia Street Racer na teal and white
9 Team Name – Team Powell Owner – Bill Powell Cumberland, KY
Driver Year/Model # Color
Car #1 Henry Ford 1967 Ford GT MK IV na tan
Car #2 Lonso Ferrari 1967 Ferrari 330 P4 na red
10 Team Name – Tigers 10-3 Owner – Rick Vanelli Hernando, MS
Driver Year/Model # Color
Car #1GT 40 Scooter McGavin 1965 Ford GT 40 3 red w/ black stripe
Car #2Ford Torino Whitey Johnson 1968 Ford Torino 19 blue/dark blue
11 Team Name – South Shore Racing Owner – Paul Ryer Hingham, MA
Driver Year/Model # Color
Car #1Jolene Max Creek 1965 VW Karmann Ghia 56 white w/ red stripe
12 Team Name – Owl Racing Owner – Destany Lewis NA
Driver Year/Model # Color
Car #1 Alan Kulwicki Camaro 8 white
Car #2 NA Triumph TR 3 9 green
13 Team Name – Owens Racing Ent. (ORE) Owner – Jon Owens Louisville, KY
Driver Year/Model # Color
Car #1AMX Sammy Stoplight 1968 AMC AMX 5 red/white/blue
Car #2Old Blue Nathan Nitro 1963 Chevrolet Corvette 6 light blue
14 Team Name – Team Total Domination Owner – Dave Headrich Babylon, NY
Driver Year/Model # Color
Car #1The Dark Knight Pete “Pitstop” Passer 1958 Chevy Corvette convertible na black
Car #2Wildcat Warrior Joe T-Jet” Giammarino 1962 Buick Wildcat Sport Coupe na yellow
15 Team Name – Team A & W Root Beer Owner – Harlan Scarboro New Albany, IN
Driver Year/Model # Color
Car #1A & W Low Rider Delivery Truck Sudsy Malone 1939 Divco Twin Model U white
Car #2A & W Green Missile Andre’ Lefebvre 1969 Cintroen DS 21 24 lime green
16 Team Name – Junkabilly Racing Owner – Scott Scarboro New Albany, IN
Driver Year/Model # Color
Car #1Bottom Feeder Crafty Dick Kraft 1958 VW Type 2 Dropside pickup Two tone blue metal flake/white
Car #2Blue Meanie Carl Scarborough, Jr 1966 VW Karmann Ghia 14 blue metal flake

“Preparation Day” chapter 6

1skygrp1Hello race fans. Tommy T-jet here on this fabulous weekend. We are here at the glorious Dragon’s Tail Rally. Teams have been pouring in from all over the country to test their technical prowess at this inaugural event. Lots of local veterans and east coast teams are moving in. With the frigid weather this week, our “eye in the sky” has had difficulty making it 2skygrp1in the air. Aurora is up there now. To you Aurora.

(Aurora) Hi Tommy. It is beautiful here overlooking the Dragon’s Tail. Quite cold temperatures we are having.

(Tommy) Any good news for us.

2skygrp2(Aurora) Well over this past weekend “Speedy” Van Doren made it down for some grueling test sessions. I talked to him a little, and he said the track was awesome. During the shakedown he was having some fueling issues that weren’t giving him consistent times at first. The problems however have been rectified so everything should be smooth as silk when he comes back down to help run the event.

1skygrp2(Tommy) What kind of cars are showing up.

(Aurora) The field is very diverse Tommy. Many British, American and German machines are well represented. There is also a sprinkling from Italy, France, and Japan.

(Tommy) Seems as if we have a good mix of cars. Any news on when the event will start?

(Aurora) Right now everything is just getting organized. Smokey should be arriving soon, so everyone should be going through tech here shortly. The legality of some cars are already in question, but we will get updates on that from Smokey when he arrives. I will try to get some pictures from above of the cars in the tech paddock.

(Tommy) Well sounds like everything is coming along nicely. My report shows 16 teams have arrived with a possible 29 cars. That is an amazing turnout. Sponsors have arrived in storm as well. We have to give great thanks to these guys for their support. And the race prepares to begin………….

BRP resin bodies and racing parts

HO Models vintage slot car reproduction parts

Bubba’s Racecar Shells resin cast bodies

VIASUE  Slot Car Racing Lap Counter & Lap Timer Solutions

9 Finger Hobbies Custom HO scale bodies to fit Aurora Tjet and JL “Thunderjet 500″ slot car chassis

Jim’s Custom Rod Shop Custom resin castings

JAG Hobbies HO slot cars, parts and many other things

Super Tires HO scale silicone racing tires

1 Stop Slot Shop The place for original NOS Aurora Tjet chassis and the best aftermarket tools and parts

Mongrel Racing Resin Bodies

C & R Racing silk screened water slide decals and resin-cast bodies

JW’s HO Speed Parts Precision CNC machined HO slot car parts

KRB – King Racing Bodies

Western Pennsylvania Slot Car Club

The Good, Sad and Excellent

Bubba's Race Car Shells

Bubba’s Race Car Shells

King Racing Bodies

King Racing Bodies

As we make the final preparations for the Big Race, the last few sponsor prizes rolled in. We received a nice shipment of bodies from Bubba’s Race Car Shells. And a surprise last minute sponsor,  King Racing Bodies delivered some modified racing bodies handcrafted from their shop as well as some fine racing apparel from the Western Pennsylvania Slot Car Club.  There are some very Good prizes for all that were able to participate in the very first Dragon’s Tail Road Rally Proxy.

Habby's hit a snag

Habby’s hit a snag

Speaking of sponsors, we did receive some sad news from Habby’s HO Slot Car Lube Shop. Despite their enthusiasm to participate,  it seems that they hit a snag in the shipment of their fine product and had to pull their sponsorship for this year.  They wish all of the racers luck and hope to be involved next time.


Some of the entries start to unload

The most excellent and exciting news was the arrival of several more racers to the track.  At this point, 11 teams have shown up with word that a handful more will arrive by this evening.  It will be a full field and anybody’s race!  Once all the cars have been checked in, tech inspections will start.