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DT Proxy 2018 Ch. 7 A Broken Record

(Tommy) Thanks for keeping it tuned right here for your coverage of the third Dragon’s Tail Road Rally.  We are back after a short break with our broadcast of these qualifying runs as 16 teams fight for the top pole position.  I’m up in the press box.  Aurora’s up in the copter providing us with some aerial views and Smokey’s down amongst the action.  Smokey, How’s the energy among the fans?

(Smokey) Tommy, there’s quite a bit of chatter in the stands about the performances that we have seen so  far today.  Some of the runs are already faster than of years past!

(Tommy) Smokey, what’s that chant coming from the stands?

(Smokey) Here comes a crowd favorite. a returning warrior. The crowd is shouting “Scud, Scud, Scud, Scud!”  It’s an endearing term for our next contestant, Roberto Asconi as they roll out the ’67 Ferrari for Scuderia Ferrari.  Team owner Tom Bowman from Virginia Beach has so much faith in his driver and car that literally nothing has been changed since their last outing. Well except one thing… after their disappointing performance of the last few heats of the previous DTRR due to Asconi’s unfortunate encounter with some K-9 waste and his shoes, the team’s crew chief installed one of those hedge hog boot brushes on the car’s side skirt.  They are not taking any chances this year Tommy.

scudshoe(Tommy) It looks like Asconi put the brush to use just before he climbed in.  And he’s off!

(Aurora) A real nice run.  The bristle brush must have worked… looks like he beat his previous lap record!

(Tommy) Next up for his third DTRR is team Owner Greg Carpenter of Grand Sport Racing from Lexington, K-Y.  His first entry is “The Gray Ghost”, a 1955 Porsche 550 Spyder.  Smokey, you mentioned the air cooled engine cars earlier and that they weren’t all V-dubs.  There’s a Corvair in the mix, well there’s also this Porsche.

(Smokey) That’s right Tommy and it’s idling nicely, getting ready to go.  Unlike the VWs and Corvair, it’s engine sits in front of the rear axle making it a  mid engine. Which should help it tremendously while tackling the dragon’s backbone. Not much is known about the driver J.D. as he gets the thumbs up and is on his way.

(Aurora) Guys! He is really making this look easy. Wow, that was a sweet run.

(Smokey) It takes a lot to impress you Aurora and the crowd agrees with you!  The officials are checking and double checking their equipment…  It’s a new track record!!!

habbys(Tommy) While we gather our composure and wait for the next car to get ready, we’d like to Thank one of our Sponsors, Habby’s HO Slot Car Lube Shop  home to Free-Jet and L.A.B. oils.  Folks when you’re working on your cars and you need some parts, visit our sponsors and tell ’em you heard about them from the Dragon’s Tail!

(Smokey) Wow!!! how about that, Tommy?!

The next car for Grand Sport Racing is up and ready to go.  This is the second appearance for “Live Wire” at the DTRR.  It was an entry in the inaugural event.  This 1965 Shelby Cobra also has another name which is quite appropriate for this race, “Ollie the Dragon”.  Earl Essex is behind the wheel.

(Aurora) Now I know how it got the nick name! That belch of flames could be seen way up here as it took off!  But that’s not all that I see.  Earl Essex can drive that car!

(Tommy) Smokey?!

(Smokey) Yes?

grandsports(Tommy) It’s a new track record!!!  Officials are again checking and double checking and just like that, team mate knocks out team mate who had the track record.

(Smokey) It’s official.  Back to Back track records!  The fans are going nuts.

(Tommy) Next up also from Kentucky, but new to The Dragon’s Tail Is the racing team Next Century Technologies.  Team owner Joel Harding has transported two cars to test out on the course. The first of the pair is a turquoise Ferrari GT250 driven by Tracer Lynn.

(Aurora) The car handles well in the curves, but doesn’t seem to have the gas in the straight a ways.

(Smokey) Next to go out is a beast.  The bright orange GTO driven by Bud Henry swings wide on the turns and plows through the course.  He manages to pull off a respectable time for a rookie.

(Tommy) Here comes a couple of beauties from Normal Racing out of Joliet, Illinois.  Both of these cars were customized by team owner Brian Bueschel along with his chief parts provider Rob Asnoff.

(Smokey) This gold flaked Ghia is something to see.  Rusty Cooter is behind the wheel and he doesn’t seem nervous for his first time on the Dragon!

(Tommy) The second car for Normal Racing is anything but normal. A limited production sleek, high performance fastback from Japan.  This Toyota 2000 GT seems to be ready for the challenge.

(Aurora) Driver Harry Gumala seems to really be enjoying the ride!

normalqual(Tommy) Both cars get fantastic times, but Gumala in the Toyota edges out teammate Cooter in the Ghia.

(Smokey) I recognize this next car! It’s the Bubba-mobile.  Team Purple returns for a third time and owner William Milholen from Carrollton, VA has sent Bubba back to reclaim the crown at any cost.  Let’s see if I can get a word with Bubba before he takes off. Bubba how’s it feel to be back for another go on the Dragon?

(Bubba) Oh hey Smokey. Yeah Team Purple is back baby! The first year of the Dragon we pretty much dominated and I think Team Purple scared everybody, so they had to change the rules.  But that’s cool… we still did pretty good the second time around.  I came in 5th or something…

(Smokey) More like 8th I think.

(Bubba) Yeah whatever, something like that 3rd, 5th 8th whatever.  It’s good to be back on the Dragon, Baby! Hey somebody said there was doughnuts around here… I gotta go, but save me one or two or four. Ok? Later!

(Aurora) Everybody wants a doughnut… Nice run Bubba! Team Purple is back indeed, Baby!


Bubba passes in a flash, but he can still spot a doughnut!

(Tommy) Time for another break and a word from our sponsors, but don’t go away.  We still have plenty of racers left to qualify.  Here are the times for this latest group of cars.

5 Team Name – Scuderia Ferrari Owner – Tom Bowman Virginia Beach, VA  
  Driver Year/Model # Color  
Car #1 Roberto Asconi 67 Ferrari 330 P4 21 maroon qual


6 Team Name – Grand Sport Racing Owner – Greg Carpenter Lexington, KY  
  Driver Year/Model # Color  
Car #1

Gray Ghost

J.D. 1955 Porsche  550 Spyder 130 Gray qual
Car #2

Live Wire

Earl Essex 1965 Shelby Cobra 91 White w/ black stripe qual


7 Team Name –

Next Century Technologies

Owner – Joel Hardin Lexington, KY  
  Driver Year/Model # Color  
Car #1


Tracer Lynn Ferrari 4 turquoise qual
Car #2


Bud Henry 1969 GTO 7 Orange qual


8 Team Name – Normal Racing Owner – Brian Bueschel Joliet, IL  
  Driver Year/Model # Color  
Car #1


Rusty Cooter 1967 VW  Karmann Ghia 17 Gold flake qual
Car #2 Harry Gumala 1966 Toyota 2000 GT 27 Maroon qual


9 Team Name – Team Purple Owner – William Milholen Carrollton, VA  
  Driver Year/Model # Color  
Car #1 Bubba 69 Camaro 6 Purple qual

DT Proxy 2018 Ch. 6 Q-time!

(Smokey) Greetings Race Fans!  Smokey here,  welcoming you to the third Dragon’s Tail Road Rally.  It’s a glorious day up here in the mountains.  The summer heat has taken a short and much needed respite,  allowing the temperature to drop slightly.  I’m down on the main drag where our field of 26 cars will have their chance to prove their worthiness to move forward to the big dance.  When we are all done here today, 16 drivers and their machines will have claimed their place in line to get a chance at slaying the Dragon.  I’m joined this morning by Aurora who is once again up in the Bell copter and will provide us with a bird’s eye view of the action.  James T. Jet, a.k.a Tommy our in the booth commentator seems to be A.W.O.L. as we get started with this broadcast, but we hear that he is expected soon.  Aurora, how’s it looking from your perch?

abovefield.jpg(Aurora) Good Morning Smokey! It’s a pleasure to be back at the Dragon’s Tail after race officials took a year off.  It’s a beautiful sight seeing all the entries lined up and poised for take off!  It seems to be a great mix of returning contenders and first timers.

(Smokey)  We shall see if that previous experience on the course will benefit the veterans.  We did have a rookie claim the crown at the last DT Road Rally.

(Tommy) Hello Race Fans! Smokey. Aurora!  Tommy checking in and glad to be back in the booth.  Sorry to be late, I experienced a little difficulty getting in to the track this morning.  Security seems to be more plentiful this year.

cops(Smokey) That might have something to do with one of our team’s sponsorship.

(Aurora) Welcome back Tommy.  It looks like the track marshals are staging the first car.

(Tommy) Indeed they are!  This car should look familiar to anyone who has been following the Dragon’s Tail Road Rally.  Returning for another go at the Dragon is the “Jagarrari” from the Outlaw Hippie Racing Team. Team owner Sal Matthews has replaced Guido the Britt and this time behind the wheel is Sir Charles Baggett.  Relatively new to the team, he doesn’t seem to appreciate the challenge at hand.  Is that a tea cup and saucer he’s carrying?

(Smokey) That’s correct.  He’s balanced his hot cup of Earl Grey in one hand and clutched a cannoli under his chin so he could pop open the car door. If I’m not mistaken, I believe I saw him take a flask out of his vest pocket and top off his tea.  I don’t think race officials saw this.

jagarri(Aurora) And He’s off! Ladies and Gentlemen the first car is out of the gate to start the qualifying runs for this year’s Dragon’s Tail Road Rally!

(Tommy) Just to revisit today’s task for those of you not familiar with the proceedings.  Each car will get a chance to warm up for about a minute before scoring starts.  Then each car will have 2 minutes to clock their fastest lap.  In case of two car teams, the car with the fastest lap moves forward to the race. One car teams automatically qualify but will still have to make a qualifying run. How well a car performs will determine where it is placed in the starting lineup.

(Aurora) This retuned “Jagarrari” seems to have much more pep than last time, but Sir Charles seems to be having a rough go of it.

(Smokey) Putting that hot cup of tea on the dash board, probably not a good idea on these twists and turns.

(Tommy) Next up for Outlaw Hippie Racing is “Flower Punch” a yellow VW beetle driven by Lance Ross the III from Colorado.  And he’s off!

(Smokey) Yikes, what’s that sound? It seems that the hand brake between the bucket seats is stuck.  The car is waved back in by officials. The driver trips a little getting out of the beetle giggling, perhaps embarrassed by his performance.  Outlaw Hippie Racing mechanics are attending to the situation.  Let’s see if I can get a word with Lance while repairs are made.  Lance what seems to be the problem with “Flower Punch”?

(Lance)  Man I don’t know… it was this incredible ear piercing noise. At first I just thought it was in my head and I was like, “Get out of my head man!”, but then I saw everyone else putting their fingers in their ears and I realized that I wasn’t alone in my suffering.  Hey man, can I get one of those doughnuts with that hot sauce doused all over it? I’m starving… Cool man! Ok, looks like I gotta run.  Wish me Luck!

(Smokey) Good luck to you indeed! And he’s off… again!

The chief mechanic informed me that they just severed the hand break cable.  Hope he doesn’t need it.

(Tommy) Well, leave it to Outlaw Hippie Racing to get us off to a colorful start.  Next up is the newly formed team of reigning DT Champion, Tom Hobgood.  Piston Slap Racing is what he is calling this newest effort.  Apparently all sorts of new fangled equipment was used in getting these two vehicles ready.

(Smokey) It would be hard to improve on his builds from last time.  Tommy, one thing has occurred to me.  There seems to be a lot of air cooled vehicles entered into the Dragon’s Tail.  This year is no exception and they always seem to perform well.  But in previous years the event was held in cooler months.  This year for some reason race officials decided to hold it during the hottest season of the year.

(Tommy) Good observation, Smokey.  We shall see if the high temps have any effect on the VWs.  Correction, not just the VWs, but there is a Corvair in the mix as well.

(Smokey) Speaking of heat… The Ghia with sponsorship from Texas Pete hot sauce is out on the course. Driving for Piston Slap is Clutch McCoy.

(Aurora) He seems to be handling the humps and bumps well, not even working up a sweat.

(Tommy) Next out is Skids Greyson for Piston Slap Racing.  He is driving the Krispy Kreme sponsored VW beetle.

(Aurora) The heat doesn’t seem to be a factor for these two.

lolacurve(Tommy) Next up is Cornhusker Racing.  Team owner Mark Boesen has delivered two cars to the track.  After that unorthodox performance last time, I’m surprised to see McLovin return to drive. This time he will be the captain of a shiny red Lola. He’s off.

(Aurora) He does know his way around the curves!

(Smokey) Up at the green line is the second car for Cornhusker Racing.  A blue metal flake XP-755 concept car also known as a Mako Shark.  This car returns after being DQ’d from the previous DTRR for illegal tires.

makoturn(Aurora) It’s sleek low body and wide stance helps it chew through the course!

jlmstang(Tommy) Our first newcomer to make an appearance today is J.L.M. Racing.  Team owner Yobear Jones from Washington, DC has entered a beautiful ’66 Mustang G.T. 347 for his beginner’s attempt.

(Smokey) Wow! He really leaped off of the start line.  That’s our first 7 cars to run qualifying laps.

Before we take a break to hear a word from our sponsors, let’s take a look at the board.

1 Team Name – Outlaw Hippie Racing Owner – Sal Matthews High Point, NC
Driver Year/Model # Color
Car #1


Sir Charles Baggett Jagarrari custom Pink qual
Car #2



Lance Ross III 1964 VW Beetle Flower 4 Yellow qual


2 Team Name – Piston Slap Racing Owner – Tom Hobgood Stedman , NC
Driver Year/Model # Color
Car #1



Clutch McCoy 1964 Karmann Ghia 11 White/yellow qual
Car #2 Skids Greyson 1965 Volkswagen Beetle Triple donut white qual


3 Team Name – Cornhusker Racing Owner – Mark Boesen Machesney, IL
Driver Year/Model # Color
Car #1 McLovin Lola 6 Red Lola qual
Car #2 Skabby Mako   Blue Flake qual


4 Team Name – J.L.M. Racing Owner – Yobear Jones Washington, DC
Driver Year/Model # Color
Car #1

Bubba’s Joy

Palliden Spencer 1966 Ford Mustang GT 347   Blue w/ white stripe qual






DT Proxy 2018 Ch. 5 Sweet Sixteen


Lots of track side activity these last couple of days as several transporters rolled in to beat the deadline.  After all the teams unloaded and all the paperwork was filed, 16 teams made up of 27 entries journeyed to have their chance to slay the Dragon!

check out this year’s official race roster here.

Team Powell’s DQ’d Ford GT

Race officials examined each automobile and only one was found to be in clear violation of the car build rules. One from the pair of beautiful Ford GTs belonging to Team Powell was found to be equipped with illegal tires. Luckily the other GT passed the scrutiny and will go on to the race.  Several teams managed to stay within the gray areas, skirting the rules by taking full advantage of some loop holes.

Once again the field is a fine mix of machines; American metal, German, Japanese, Brit, Italian, customs. Air cooled, water cooled, self driving autonomous. First timers and repeat contenders!

Before they trade some paint on the track, let’s take a closer look at the entries.

Be sure to click here to cast your vote for the People’s Choice award in the DT concours d’elegance.



DT Proxy 2018 Ch. 4       First of the Field!

hoslotz3It was a banner day!

Before the sun reached its peak in the sky, some volunteers  pitched in to erect the official DT Road Rally banner.  Local law enforcement had Main Street temporarily closed while the task took place.  Stopped in the traffic was another one of this year’s

sponsors,  HO  Once the road was cleared, the delivery van was waved through to race headquarters to drop off another generous show of support from one of our Sponsors!

Just after lunch time, the first two teams arrived for this year’s Dragon’s Tail Road Rally. Outlaw Hippie Racing returns followed closely by Piston Slap Racing, the team newly resurrected  from the remains of the reigning DT champion outfit that recently secured sponsorship from Krispy Kreme and Texas Pete.

Both teams based in North Carolina, apparently met on the road,  the gauntlet was dropped and a little friendly wagering took place as to who would reach the track first.  It’s not clear what the winner receives, but perhaps Outlaw Hippie Racing is now the recipient of a lifetime supply of donuts and hot sauce!

first of field.jpgA crowd gathered and cameras clicked as the transporters backed into the pits.  Each team taking advantage of the two car rule,  so four machines were rolled off the ramps into the staging area.

Outlaw Hippie Racing’s team owner, Sal Matthews brought back a fan favorite and familiar sight, “Jagarrari” along with a colorful V dub beetle referred to as the “Flower Punch”.

Piston Slap Racing delivered a VW Ghia and a Beetle.  Both fine examples of what we have come to expect from the garage of  team owner, Tom Hobgood.

Race officials have received word that several more teams are en route and will arrive soon! Just 10 days away from the deadline.

DT Proxy 2018 Ch. 3 Some Sponsors Roll In!

The weeks before race time are always exciting!  The town is busy making all of the final adjustments  before they lay down the red carpet welcoming all of the spectators and racers.  The buzz of anticipation is in the air wondering who will be the first team to arrive.  And one of our favorite signs that race season is upon us is when the Sponsors start rolling in!

School is out for the summer and the days are heating up.  The local tots are taking advantage of every shady spot and watering hole in town.  While a flock of “ducklings” were busy doing back flips off the diving board at the Siesta Motel’s pool, they saw a strange sight of several automobiles hovering above the tree tops.  With their young imaginations running wild with UFOs and anti-gravity beams, they rushed to the scene to find two semi trucks loaded down with some goodies from Jim’s Custom Rod Shop.





onestop2Speaking of watering holes,  Jerry Schmoyer owner of One Stop Slot Shop stopped by one of his favorite spots (say that 3 times fast) to take in the crashing waves by the boat house before dropping off his generous additions to the trophy pool.

jag2Some young kite enthusiasts taking advantage of the breeze up in the hills, spied another semi making the final turn of the Dragon’s Backbone.  It was none other than returning DT Sponsor, JAG Hobbies delivering some wonderful race rewards.super2

Near the humps, the Super Tires truck was held up in traffic as some good Samaritans helped the wiener mobile back on to the road after a little mishap.  Super Tires have been a great supporter of the DT Road Rally from the start.


First time Sponsor M.E.V. Originals was seen down on Main Street near section 28. While folks were visiting the Farmer’s Market,  Mike Vitale dropped off a 65 Skylark and a C type Jag along with some of their special chrome wheels.  It is fantastic to have M.E.V. Originals on board this year!


vip2Bright and early this morning there was quite the stir out at Riverbend Camp Grounds when someone started yelling,  “Snake, Snake, Snake!”  No cause for alarm, however.  It turned out to be another first time sponsor, Viper Scale Racing looking for directions to Race Headquarters in order to drop off some great race prizes.

There are several more Sponsors due to arrive in the next couple of weeks.   The DT race officials and Participants appreciate the enthusiastic continued support from the Sponsors.

If you’re a caster or maker of products for this hobby, it’s not too late to be part of the prize pool. Please contact the track if you would like to join the list of Sponsors.

Racers, while you make your final wrench turns and tweaks, don’t forget to visit the sponsors for those last minute parts.  And to all of the spectators out there,  when you’re looking for parts to help you go fast and stay on the road, think about this list of fine suppliers and mention the Dragon’s Tail!




DT Proxy 2018 Ch. 2    Rules, Long Hairs and Pink Slip

We’re about 4 weeks away from the June 30 deadline for all race participants to arrive at the track.  DT Race officials have been busy intercepting inquiries about this year’s car build rules.  From the nature of the topics discussed, it is obvious that the team engineers are looking for that magic ingredient that will separate their entry from the herd.  The range of resourcefulness runs from the primitive to the high tech; stripping the interior of everything, but the bare necessities to utilizing the latest in diagnostic equipment.

The Dragon’s Tail Road Rally inspection crew will be prepared to go over each entry with a fine tooth comb.  If a Racing Team’s Crew Chef has a question about the legality of their car design, they are strongly encouraged to contact DT headquarters.  It is always a disappointment to have a car arrive safely to the track only to be DQ’d because of a mix up in the garage.

Since our last news bulletin, several photos of potential contenders have leaked to the press.  It appears that a few newcomers are stepping up to the challenge, as well as a few past contestants.



Investigative reporting has turned over some dirt about big changes involving the reigning DT champ, Team Owner Tom Hobgood.  His drivers/engineers, The legendary Girlieman Brothers suffered from the all too familiar disease of egoitis and sought more compensation for their successful DT run.  A gratifying agreement could not be reached and so they parted ways. Rumor has it that two new drivers have been employed and a new home grown team has sprouted from the ashes, Piston Slap Racing.  From the photos floating around it appears that they have secured two well known sponsors, Texas Pete hot sauce, and Krispy Kreme donuts.  We look forward to learning more about this new team.


leaked images of Team Piston Slap’s entries


Now let’s turn our attention track side. 

Race officials are busy once again preparing the course and infrastructure to insure a smooth running and enjoyable event.

bikersThis morning two bushy headed film students from California rode in on a motor bike. They are doing some research on a film they plan to produce about two colorful bohemian bikers who travel the back roads of the southern parts of the US.  They offered to provide some additional documentation of the Dragon’s Tail Road Rally.  Here’s a short film they made of a few of the locals testing out the circuit.  This film also features some shots of the official DT Pace Car!


pace2That’s right race fans, DT race sponsor HO Models has supplied this year’s official Pace Car.  A stunning 1958 Plymouth!  Participants of this year’s competition will be racing for the pink slip of this beauty!



DT Proxy 2018 Ch. 1  Let the (mind) Games Begin!!!

Welcome Race Fans!

Since the return of the Dragon’s Tail Road Rally was officially announced, there has been a series of news stories released by some of the prospective race teams that have added a layer of mystery and misinformation unlike earlier DT rallies.

In the previous contests,  some of the racing teams actually invited the press into their labs to share the process of getting their entries ready.  That doesn’t seem to be the case this time around.  Rumors, speculation, intrigue, and mind games seem to be par for the course for this year’s race.

Several weeks ago the Outlaw  Hippy Racing Team announced that their entries were ready, loaded and in route to the big dance, which cause quite a stir in the racing community.  The DT Race headquarters switch board was swamped with calls from concerned racing teams assuming they had the wrong deadline and were prepared to scramble to get ready!  They were reassured that the deadline for entry was and still is June 30th.  Outlaw Hippy Racing has since retracted their announcement and in fact,  has sent their machines back to the racks to “work some bugs out”.

Even the folks over in Stedman, NC who currently hold the DT crown are keeping their cards close to their chest.  There was some chatter about their race sponsorship being pulled,  but now sources report some recent activity in their garage.

Strummer Racing who had an outstanding qualifying run at the previous DT rally in a VW bug that was eventually plagued with mechanical failures, recently had an outing at Grand Sport Speedway in Lexington, KY.  Although his efforts for the day had him near the tail end of the pack, just for kicks he rolled out one of his possible DT entries,  a beautiful metallic red Ford MklV.  The sleek beast was a familiar sight to a few in attendance.  It was first unveiled at a non sanctioned event held on the DT course that feature a hand full of previous DT Road Rally stars. The Ford dominated that day, which caused several to take note and several pictures!

What do these mind games all mean?!?

It certainly sets the stage for what we think will be a competitive Dragon’s Tail Road Rally like no other!

strum race

Strummer Racing Ford MklV gets noticed